My view on blog promotion

March 2, 2017

has been very busy recently, busy to come in 3 calls at once, do not know which is better.

        "year" in China after all is one of the most celebrated festival, to buy too many things, no reason, just because the new year, happy, happy!

        so years ago this time is the business point of time, so busy no time to cruise a jar.

        idle time has been thinking about a problem: promotion.

        do not do a good job in the promotion of good companies will be only know how to promote and promote the two companies to squeeze the bag. The importance of promotion do not have to say, there are many ways to promote. The two day old friends have been talking about Lu’s case, is also very lively inside the jar. After all, the old Lu is a precedent, is a successful precedent. At least as much as I do not care about blog marketing people have to stop and think about what is the blog marketing.

        I think the blog can only be regarded as a platform, I mean to promote the platform, but it can not be said to be the most successful platform. After all, the real understanding of the blog to understand the use of the blog is not more than people who understand the Internet can play online games. So, whether it is the forum or blog, as a platform for the promotion of enterprises still have some limitations, the reason is very simple, he is not the end consumer groups for the vast majority, so now for the end consumer is still the head of the store.

        in Chinese, there is no computer than a computer, not on the Internet than will the Internet, play games online chat movie entertainment than looking for business opportunities in the blog to get more business. This is a reality that has to admit, but also very helpless. If one day I really said that kind of situation in turn, I believe that China is now regardless of cultural economy or anything else has been a qualitative leap.

        meaning only one, based on the promotion of the blog system has a lot of limitations. Now, China’s e-commerce is just like China’s national conditions in the development of the period, just after the accession to the WTO seems to be slowly changing from their own so close. Alibaba, such as the emergence of a business platform, no doubt on China’s e-commerce and even the development of China’s business has injected new blood. You are friends can spend Ali, after all, Ali Chinese is already a mature platform. But I still want to remind you: there are a lot of promotion now

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