Used car electricity supplier can live how long

March 2, 2017



in the purchase, limit line, limit move under the background of difficult living second-hand car industry over the past two years, was uncharacteristically burn crying, seemingly also groomed than new car sale. In peace good car, cars, used cars, all the seeds of excellent letter second-hand car led the second-hand car electricity supplier, huge advertising overwhelming, even naming people loved the variety show. However, this "burn" endurance race only run for two years, there are many home defeated. At the beginning of the new year, China Ping’s second-hand car business, a good car safely in burn advertising costs 1 billion 400 million yuan, chose to give up. The same is not profitable, still call marketing second-hand car electricity supplier, and

can survive long?




hand car electricity supplier can live how long?

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will appear, second-hand car business, a lot of freshness to consumers, especially those who dream of "open and transparent bidding, quality inspection, the integrity of the intermediary to obtain the best prices" propaganda words, whether it is for consumers to buy second-hand car or used car, seems to be very convenient and reliable, however what is the truth? Let’s look at the two case:

1 last year, want to change after Mr. Liu to let his car to sell a good price, "early adopters" by the safety car business platform consignment, but hung for two months, he eventually went to the 4S shop with "new for old" means the replacement of a new car. Mr. Liu said, the traditional second-hand car dealer for his superb Skoda offer is about one hundred thousand yuan, while the electricity supplier detected only after the price 70 thousand yuan, the staff said that this is only a reference, hanging on their platform to the buyers bid will be higher than expected, once the psychological can not sell. However, Mr. Liu from the local second-hand car dealers learned that the truth is that the so-called national buyers 99% are used car dealers nationwide, not private buyers. The second-hand car dealer’s collective prices led to his car finally to clinch a deal.

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2 li special fire and XX used car APP "half price" to pay the so-called "reliable" second-hand car firm, said the sale of vehicles by the strict quality inspection, no accidents, no water. Unfortunately, a month later, the car in the maintenance overhaul found there is a maintenance record "car accident", he angrily to cheat of the second-hand car business to court.

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hit the money over the collapse of the tide?

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was Liu Qiangdong shelling, a year has sold only two cars, B round of valuation has reached $200 million. This is the second-hand car electricity supplier current >