Electricity providers compete for logistics sites the fastest in July can be express delivery

March 2, 2017

Information Times reporter He Qiuyang

2012 only in the first quarter amounted to 1 billion 40 million

2011 China’s express delivery volume of 3 billion 670 million

2010 China’s express delivery volume of 2 billion 340 million

(data source: National Post Office)

originally mutually beneficial coexistence of electronic business platform and logistics industry, is currently staged a battle for the site.

on the one hand, represented by Alibaba business tycoon and courier companies closely "marriage"; on the other hand, the Jingdong submitted a National Mall, where the "express business license" Application in courier business; and SF, Shen Tong, Yuantong express enterprises hope to build their own online shopping platform through the sniper……

electricity supplier in the face of the dispute with the logistics industry insiders said that the two have a close relationship, it is necessary to integrate these two business difficulties. Electricity supplier and courier, like the left hand and right hand, two hands waving at the same time will inevitably collide with each other."

Tmall signed nine express commitment to 5 billion business

according to the data released by the National Post Office (see the right table) can be seen, logistics and courier electricity supplier is becoming more important.

experienced a defeat in the investment jibian stars express, Alibaba made a strategic layout to build the cloud platform to express the strategy in logistics. In May 28th, Tmall’s B2C platform Alibaba announced a strategic partnership with EMS, SF, one of four links and 9 courier company, promised before the end of this year will give the express company cooperation to bring more than 5 billion yuan in service trade volume, 9 courier company will also target the Tmall platform for a number of exclusive services.

it is understood that the nine courier companies will customize a number of exclusive services for Tmall platform, including the opening of more than more than 5 thousand cities between the line of the next day up and 1~3 days limited service. The future will continue to open a quick delivery payment, delivery in the evening, since consumers and other services.

Tmall relevant responsible person in an interview with the Information Times reporter, said Ali group has always insisted on doing electricity supplier in the way of socialization, logistics cooperation does not exclude any courier company. Only we work together to build an open platform, in order to maximize the efficiency of the whole society.

fastest electricity supplier in July can be a courier license

It is reported that the Jingdong

, mall and VANCL are secretly stepping up to the penetration of the deployment of logistics.

in late May, China express vice president and Secretary General of the association Dava disclosed that the Jingdong store, VANCL has submitted "card" of the courier business license application.

Information Times reporter learned from the State Post Bureau, in accordance with the express business license management approach, the postal management department since the admissibility of the