How to sell second hand car 90

February 28, 2017

90 after more than once been regarded as the target customers, this time is a second-hand car trading platform.

March 13th, the second-hand car business platform car easy to shoot released the easy evolution plan, announced by the B2B upgrade can be used as a provider of electricity providers and consumers of second-hand car service platform.

sales scale from the point of view, the second-hand car industry is still growing rapidly. In 2014, China used car sales more than 9 million, is expected in 2015 will be more than 10 million. However, it seems easy to shoot in the car, with the concept of second-hand car consumption is not so easy to change, it is easy to shoot the next car to the direction of efforts.

car easy to shoot CEO Yang Xuejian revealed that the company used to discuss the second-hand car sold to whom. The answer is that there are three types of people: after the third cars, 80 after the car, as well as the car after the first 95 and after the first 00 of the car, and then there are the following 70. After 90 and 00 is defined as a very, very good target customer base". "Their concept of life is different from us, the concept of a big change in life, in the 90, 00 after the start, this is our future market." Yang Xuejian said.


at this point, the car is easy to shoot and everyone reached a consensus stage. Through cooperation with all stages, the car is easy to shoot the installment of the car to buy a product, zero down payment and monthly for 268 yuan, you can have a car in the specified number of years of use. After the expiration of the car is easy to shoot to provide repo service. This car model is equivalent to the practice of the United States lease, that is, with the purchase of financial leasing program.

the idea that everyone is on the basis of traditional finance, the use of everyone’s big data, as well as the platform of the car easy to assess the value of the recovery, the ability to design financial products." Everyone stage COO season morning said.

seems to Yang Xuejian, the financial needs of second-hand cars richer than the new car. The potential demand for new cars is about 50%, while that of used cars is about 70%.

but she does not deny the two challenge points are: a second-hand car is now worth, one is 1-2 years after the vehicle number value. This requires a lot of transaction data as a support. 2014 car easy to shoot trading volume of more than 300 thousand, and this year the number of orders is the impact of the target 1 million.

is the financial cost. "In the United States because of his financial costs are much lower than ours, the interest rate is very low, this is our big short board." Shen Jinjun, President of China automobile circulation association.

for the following interview:

CE: car easy to shoot after the D round of financing plan?

Yang Xuejian: the establishment of a wider network of services, more and more small and medium-sized cities. 2014 done in 8 cities landing, this year to impact 80-100 cities.

CE: so this year the expansion rate will be very

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