Zhang Xiaoxiao how to build a regional e commerce

February 28, 2017

January 6, 2011, Taobao annual festival held in Beijing on 2010, released online shopping data, through a series of data sharing, revealed in 2010 and 2011 popular trend of network consumption. Taobao data show that in 2010 Taobao registered users reached 370 million, the number of online goods reached up to 800 million, up to the time of the day to visit Taobao 60 million, an average of about $48 thousand per minute to sell goods. At the same time, B2C business transactions with Taobao mall represented over 4 times in 2010, including 864 pieces of clothing, 36 mobile phone, 880 pieces of cosmetics, 85 books, 53 pack diapers, 13 lamps.

down here to share a set of data from iResearch!! I only selected the top ten.


How beautiful the

data, a data how attractive, leading to many people involved? In which, how many people fail? E-commerce needs a kind of model? Need a kind of rules? His significance? As an electronic commerce website staff, I make some analysis.

a wide range of e-commerce, how to stand out and how to improve the regional e-commerce


now on the market a variety of types of e-commerce sites can be described as a variety of tricks. For example, as a new type of electronic commerce leading group purchase group purchase, in a lot of fighting, gradually began to end, the traditional e-commerce sites has been banned, of course, there are some emerging rise website. However, there are a few, in contrast to those who stand out from the e-commerce site, is relying on creativity, rely on a new user experience.

, however, the regionalization of e-commerce, how to develop it is very good to say it sounds good, do a regional e-commerce site, set local advantages to do a strong development. But where is the advantage? Look at my analysis.

1, regional e-commerce can reduce the damage of goods in logistics.

really? Isn’t that a logistics company,


2, regional e-commerce, can be gathered in the major shopping malls to support local, do a called online Chunxi Road approach.

really? Who will guarantee the price advantage? The mall can give you a 20 percent off discount is very good.

3, regional e-commerce, can be gathered in the major local manufacturers to promote the manufacturers, but also to form their own sales.

really? How many manufacturers can support the local? Do not say do not agree with the cooperation, and agreed to cooperate with the number of home? After the cooperation, the product can meet their users?

4, regional e-commerce, you can get more support from local users.


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