From the success of network marketing coup winning stall

February 28, 2017

a female colleague, resigned from the company to rest for a long time, under the pressure of life, will pocket hundreds of yuan only from the clothing distribution center carefully Amoy some cheap but fashionable women’s clothing, use the weekend night in the vicinity of the community street the next day to inform local warn, the victory: night on the net profit of hundreds of colleagues, excitedly hooked.

has become an integral part of the fashion life when shopping in the Internet, why colleagues first Liantan can achieve unexpected results, a detailed understanding of her success is not accidental. First of all, the female colleague is good at dress, usually to buy an eye from the mall clothes often get the envy of others, only to pick good clothes should attract other sisters have to follow the purchase, she is carefully chosen; secondly, the female colleagues look good, in a time which will be a try it on in the body, they act as a model; thirdly, the female colleagues will be the main consumer location in Liantan with their age women, is a common language to facilitate communication, two community residents are mostly near the company staff, is not age, income is not high, the style of dress is cheap is their favorite. The combination of these factors coupled with female colleagues engaged in customer service work one night to sell skilled in debate, more than and 10 pieces of clothing is natural be nothing difficult.

nobody can casually succeed, this is the interpretation of the network marketing, traditional marketing on the Internet, so, the small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing and online shopping can also be successful from Liantan female colleagues to learn some tricks to win.

network marketing product positioning is reasonable. Despite the financial crisis led to the big expansion of online shopping, most of the young people especially the school had just taken college students have chosen to open shop as a starting point for entrepreneurship, but inexperienced they often not allowed to grasp the pulse of the market, the first to sell what would become the primary problem. Because any kind of products as long as the search results in large e-commerce stations are tens of thousands, how to accurately select the network sales of products will be directly related to the success or failure of network marketing. In fact, it is not difficult to find that most successful Internet shopping is a new seller, selling products online, to attract buyers eye, shop promotion is also easier, but the long tail product line, take the professional fine line sellers can also earn hand cramps, such as a classic case of selling shirts start where the customer and a specially raises the Tibetan mastiff ebdoor customers.

network marketing target customers are accurate. In fact, in solving the network marketing to sell what products at the same time, it has to consider the product sell to the problem, the set of potential customer groups have a very important influence on product positioning, product launch after the availability of consumer identity, whether the products can stimulate people’s desire to buy the target customers. In fact, the choice of products at the same time has selected the target customer groups, which is still applicable in the field of network marketing. A successful female colleague in selling female fashion clothing choice, naturally chose the surrounding community of young.

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