The battle for the survival of the group buying website

February 28, 2017

recently came news, the United States to buy giant Groupon will set up a joint venture with Tencent to enter the Chinese market, the new company will be sent by Tencent CEO candidates. This indicates that the country’s largest buy network is about to be born, with the more big brothers who took part in the buy site industry, buy network competition is becoming more intense. According to the 2010 domestic network group buying industry statistics show that as of the end of 2010, the number of domestic buy site has 2612. Just one year, group purchase website as Xinghuoliaoyuan, quickly from the "hundred regiments" upgraded to "thousand group war".

with the entry of capital, the current industry is a more mainstream view is that the next period of time, buy the site will face reshuffle, leaving only a few large buy site. For example, F group CEO lin ning believes that the second half of this year, the Chinese market may be only ten buy site. Tuanp founder Wang Wenji believes that the future Chinese may not be more than 5 large group purchase.

this, I do not think so.

I think, with the "two" in 2011, the group purchase is more popular, more extensive influence, group purchase will become a kind of new shopping habits, and the standardized operation of the company in favor of group purchase industry market to standardize the direction of development, but also make the group purchase industry’s influence increased. In other words, buy a piece of cake this site becomes big, big brother who entered, for many of the group buying site is a challenge, but the development of the industry as a whole, which means that opportunities are coexisting. As long as the positioning of small and medium buy site accurate, proper operation, is expected to share the big cake.

according to the 2010 group market statistics report, by the end of 2010, the annual sales of the domestic buy site is about 2 billion yuan. "The growth of online group buying market can only be predicted by ‘month’". The 800 group co-founder Hu Chen said, if the 2011 monthly compound growth rate of 18% based on the conservative forecast, total sales of domestic group purchase market will reach 16 billion 500 million yuan, but 20 billion yuan more in line with the growth China market, equivalent to 10 times in 2010.

I believe that in 2011, buy site will be slightly cool, but the number of sites will not be reduced, but there should be no small increase. In 2010 the group purchase website such as the rise of its low threshold like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and low operation cost are inseparable, in the coming days, especially second tier city and vertical sites, there are a lot of new group purchase website will be born. It is because of the low threshold, low operation cost, small group purchase website if operating properly, can find a way to survive, the Ma Yun and "the elephant agree without prior without previous consultation on ants die" theory.

so, under the battle of thousands of groups, small and medium group buying site how to survive it?

I think that small and medium-sized group purchase website needs to do: Lianhaoneigong, accurate positioning, maintain characteristics, enhance the user experience, and maintain a high level of use >

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