Jingdong warehouse fire responded that no casualties or affected part of the order

February 28, 2017

NetEase science and technology news December 18th news, today, friends said, Jingdong warehouse fire in Hebei, Guan. In this regard, Jingdong said today (December 18th) at about 4 in the morning, Jingdong is located in Hebei, Guan, a warehouse fire. At this time the warehouse production operations have ended, so no casualties occurred.

due to the fire in the warehouse may affect the performance of some of the consumer orders, Jingdong has emergency coordination of resources in Beijing and other places in response. At the same time, Jingdong in the country immediately launched the investigation of the security risks for the warehouse, to ensure that similar incidents do not occur.

Jingdong, said the specific cause of the accident, but also in collaboration with local government departments to investigate in detail.

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