VANCL launched open plan to access multiple e commerce platform

February 28, 2017

December 29th morning news, VANCL announced today next year to start a comprehensive platform for "win-win" plan. According to this plan, VANCL will be in the company internal and external comprehensive open platform, with various partners to share bonus. Jingdong, Baidu mall, dangdang.com will access the Eslite Le cool days.

according to the relevant parties, where the "win-win platform" plan is divided into three parts: VANCL and major e-commerce platform fully connected; V+ site further profits, service brand’s cooperation; in 2011, VANCL website CPS advertising is expected to come up with 100 million yuan share for each website alliance.

shows the current situation, VANCL will expand strategic cooperation and the industry well-known e-commerce platform Jingdong, Baidu mall, dangdang.com Le cool days, full access to the large online shopping platform. I think, this will not only develop their own channels, will directly promote the development partners, and partners to share the development dividend.

Eslite’s website V+ (vjia.com) officially launched in May 18th this year, the current site monthly sales have exceeded 30 million. V+ relevant person in charge said that more than half of the operating process, there are more than and 200 traditional brands, Amoy brand, designer brand settled in V+ mall.

held prior to the first session of the General Assembly owners Eslite VANCL, also released that 2011 is expected to come up with 100 million yuan, into cooperation with the website, blog, online and more than 3000 campus agent.

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