Shanghai Ali and strategic cooperation to promote the nternet plus landing

February 28, 2017

mayor of Shanghai Yang Xiong, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma attended the signing ceremony.

Sina Technology News May 15th afternoon, the Shanghai municipal government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Alibaba group. The two sides will be in big data cloud computing, smart city, e-commerce, Internet banking, smart health, social credit system and other fields of cooperation, to promote the "Internet plus" strategic landing, help Shanghai towards global technology innovation center. Shanghai mayor Yang Xiong, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group attended the signing ceremony.

cloud computing has become the basis of this cooperation. According to the agreement, both sides will use cloud computing technology, promoting the construction of service platform of digital government, accelerate the application of "Internet plus" in transportation, tourism, commerce, education, community, culture and payment of public utilities and other fields, to enhance the construction level of the wisdom of the city of Shanghai.

at present, the existing electronic monitoring illegal, illegal driving query, library services, immigration status inquiry, vehicle inspection appointment, marriage registration and other nine services in Alipay wallet " service; city " on-line. The marriage registration as an example, the people of Shanghai through the Alipay wallet appointment 2 days a month registration time, mobile phone can clearly see the reservation number at each time point.

soon, the people of Shanghai will also enjoy the convenience brought by the credit society. Mentioned in the agreement, the Shanghai municipal government will support sesame credit with the Shanghai public credit information service center to jointly promote the application of credit information.

in the smart health field, the two sides will use cloud computing and big data support, to promote the wisdom of medical services and intelligent health management to electronic medical records and health based, medical, pharmaceutical, health care to promote the sharing of information resources and exploitation, to explore a new model of health service based on internet.

for the local cloud computing and big data industry in Shanghai, Alibaba will give key support. Along with the Shanghai municipal government to guide and encourage traditional enterprises to conduct business in the cloud computing, and promote industrial restructuring. For cloud computing and big data industry park in Shanghai, Alibaba will provide brand, technology, services, training and other resources to support.

in fact, there are already many companies in Shanghai with the help of Ali cloud computing business outbreak. Three university graduate in Ali cloud to create a "2" collapse Gakuen, is considered to be the best year of domestic original animation game. They plan to use 5-10 years to make the country’s best ACG (Anime, Comic, Game) entertainment company. Traditional car manufacturers want to use Ali cloud computing and big data capabilities, to create a car running on the internet".

as the center of global financial innovation, Shanghai will use cloud computing and big data technology Alibaba, to promote the construction of Internet financial industry base, promote the capability of independent innovation of financial security and technology; "

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