Jingdong and a number of electricity supplier companies and more businesses to combat fake

February 28, 2017

[Abstract] Jingdong with many government departments and industry associations to establish information coordination, notification and release from the linkage mechanism, operation, customer service, merchants settled and regulatory processes to increase efforts to control the fake.


Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) October 18th news, after the United States and other B2C companies continue to ferment fraud, electricity supplier companies are on the issue of fake action.

recently, Jingdong and Beijing, Shanghai and other places of industry and commerce, public security, commerce and industry associations, etc., to establish information coordination, reporting, publishing and other linkage mechanisms. Jingdong settled from businesses, operations, sales, supervision and other processes to increase the intensity of governance.

in October 17th, many enterprises represented by Jingdong and the relevant leaders of Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Electronic Commerce Association and other government witness signed a "network of retail industry to strengthen product quality management self-discipline".

Jingdong also took the initiative to hand Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps, Jiading District Public Security Bureau, Chengdu Industrial and Commercial Bureau, signed a memorandum of cooperation to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, the establishment of the electricity supplier industry product quality guarantee mechanism of communication ", and in this year’s" double eleven "development" eliminate fake and genuine security "safe online shopping action the establishment of information, coordination, notification and release mechanism.

Jingdong Ye Blue Group Chief Marketing Officer, said: "the Jingdong holds absolute zero tolerance for fake attitude. We continue to strengthen the management, the implementation of more stringent anti-counterfeiting measures at the same time, also in combination with more power, strengthen the commodity quality guarantee."

with more businesses settled open platform, Jingdong issued specific rules and measures to strengthen the quality of the goods in six aspects, in the business operation, customer service, and settled in the supervision of the process to increase the intensity, maintaining the seller healthy competition environment.

first, the seller’s investment and settled links, Jingdong to adopt more stringent standards to ensure the quality of the seller settled. Jingdong to add a new audit links, in addition to the relevant types of qualification documents for more stringent review, but also on the seller’s background, purchase channels and other information for further investigation, strictly settled.

at the same time, all of the Jingdong recently has settled seller qualification documents to start another round of review, screening and multi dimensions, repaying for qualification incomplete or not fully comply with the standards of business management of Jingdong.

second, in the operational aspects of Jingdong has been continuously strengthen the platform for the seller to sell the commodity sampling work, the current weekly sampling of not less than three times, and sampling covering all categories.

in the future, the Jingdong will further strengthen the inspection work at the same time, improve operational sensitivity, strengthen the monitoring of the seller, the operation data for example, the seller inventory setting, commodity prices, goods shelves, reasonable customer evaluation massive operation data analysis more detailed, abnormal, timely anti >

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