Dual core Taobao browser officially released on the line

February 28, 2017

April 5th news, Taobao browser quietly on the line, integrated speed kernel and IE compatible kernel.

official website said, Taobao browser has a convenient, safe, dual core features such as high-speed. Found through experience, Taobao browser default bookmarks bar integrated with Taobao, Alipay, wonderful taobao.com, Tmall, Juhuasuan and other Alibaba, a group of business. After the user login Taobao browser, you can visit the site directly, without repeated landing.

Taobao browser is divided into normal mode, privacy mode, safe shopping mode. Enter the privacy mode, to view a page will not be displayed in the browser history or search records, and close all open window stealth, will not leave marks on the computer, but the system will keep the downloaded files or create bookmarks. Shopping mode provides multiple security protection.

is reported that Taobao browser developed by a scouring network, Alibaba group’s second browser. In July last year, Ali cloud launched Ali cloud browser, with cloud smartphone synchronization, mobile phone data backup, online shopping and other functions.

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