Lock the billions of people break the Deviation to cross border marketing

February 28, 2017

cross-border electricity supplier + live

such as tea fire broadcast business are combined with different industries, the formation of "live + economy". With the cross-border electricity supplier shopping demand continues to heat up, the demand for personalized preferences and high-quality pursuit has become the mainstream.

for small and medium enterprises, live video is a new and effective way to attract the audience, establish brand awareness, and low cost, or even zero cost. Of course, cross-border trade is not going to let live this fast drainage, low cost drainage good way.


overseas shopping for consumers, but through online reviews, product graphics is not fully understand the situation of the product.

in this case, three micro cloud Video + micro system development effort to live for the international.

micro system gives sea purchase two characteristics:

1 interactive, you can interact with the founder of the live broadcast, making user participation.

2 entertainment, through the barrage, draw seckill, in line with the young consumer habits, to attract the attention of consumers.

it is undeniable that the mode of live + electricity supplier through interactive behavior and the scene of the structure has become a new form.

for consumers, the purpose of scouring the sea is to enjoy higher quality goods. By the micro system, to a certain extent can connect the consumers want to know goods, brands want to inform consumers of goods story, want to inform consumers of the best buy platform channel demand.

Based on

video microscopic system, you can more fully understand the product, make sure you see the broadcast and no retouching, reducing overseas shopping scene and the establishment of user trust degree.

For example, buyers of

sea Amoy live, not only can purchase all over the world, but also enjoy the live hand for your products, to determine whether the purchase of the service, to buy the real foreign field stores discount products or duty-free products, quality guaranteed, more security properties, to reassure consumers shopping.

no matter what kind of marketing, cross-border electricity purpose is to increase brand reputation, visibility, and ultimately increase sales.

The emergence of

live, so that consumers can be met in a timely manner in the individual needs of the public class cross-border electricity providers gradually towards the era of personalized customization.

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