A total of 11 double battle to join Ali Tianjin joy first layout O2O

February 28, 2017

just finished the "double 11 Shopping Festival, Tmall" prepared Tianjin joy of thinking of the Internet in the end, the initiative and the Alibaba’s two brands: Tmall and Amoy little cooperation, an occasion to launch the big Wyatt artifact APP, realize the transformation from the limited space to the infinite space, to create a new business model of traditional retail formats.

hand Ali, online payment success


this year’s "double 11", Tianjin city do not meet in the online fitting room, but the shopping spree, and gains. On November 8th -16, the passenger traffic grew 30%, sales rose 27%, of which the 75% brands to participate, mobile payments accounted for 20% of total sales. Brisk performance thanks to the Tianjin joy to accurately grasp the consumption habits of the target population, as well as from the POS system, traffic statistics system, to the national unified membership system and a series of complete software and hardware system.

from the beginning of November 8th, consumers will be joy in Tianjin to scan two-dimensional code, using Alipay to pay, and get a red envelope of 50 to 4999 yuan; for members of the Tianjin Joy City electronic mobile phone Taobao, to shop for real membership card to receive 300 points, free parking and other promotions in the Disney badge with joy; Taobao mobile phone a shake, but also participate in the iPhone6 Grand Prix and red sweepstakes.


double 11 day to the end of November, consumers from Ali’s mobile food service platform Amoy little to receive 50 percent off vouchers, Taixing, xinladao, Wang Xiang Park, South Beauty and other well-known restaurants were among them. Not only is the double 11 shopping party, has also become a "chowhound" feast.

, the integration of online and offline drink shopping provides a more convenient way of shopping, more in line with the 18 to 35 year old target consumer spending habits.

in this shopping feast, Tianjin joy not only to enhance the business entity terminal experience and payment efficiency, enhance the loyalty of target customers for the joy of the brand, is more important during the event launched the joy artifact APP, the first to seize the O2O chessboard Lazi in shopping center


artifact APP, the first layout O2O

if the "double 11" Tianjin City shouted "fitting day" slogan is with an open attitude to embrace the arrival of the O2O era, then this "double 11" Tianjin city actively hand Ali, an occasion to launch the APP is realized by the development of the limited space to infinite space transformation.

Every important layout of Tianjin joy

, between the general manager Wu Zheng calm. Wu Zheng personally resolve APP intention: "Tianjin joy O2O strategy is mainly divided into two steps: the first step, the first line.

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