Similar to the real estate market does not appear oligopoly monopoly

February 28, 2017

from the first day to enter the market business group purchase, some people continue to ask about the group purchase website prospects, the climax of the most direct cause of the problem, should be Internet gangster Li Kaifu’s remarks, he believes that the "99% group purchase website will die", when removed, group purchase industry is still a piece of glory king. Comparison of past and present, Li Kaifu predict whether some misalignment, believe that society of its own public comment.

maybe, you must ask me to judge. I think, first of all, group purchase industry is a bonanza, with mining minerals far more than we can imagine. Second, the best time to buy the business has been in the past, not suitable for individual entrepreneurs. Third, buy the site can not be a strong dominance, it can not be a few oligarchs, valuable buy site, see the 300, less than more than 100.

on the first two, we have seen a lot of related discussion, discuss more, I do not say. What I want to say is the third part, is an observation of the number of buy site – in the next 3 years, the group will form a more expensive 100-300 buy site."

according to our excellent network internal data analysis:

, a national group purchase website, handle,,, glutinous rice, the U.S. group, F group, 24 boxing, full, public comment, Wo Wo Group, love, happy net, tick group, group purchase king, love of family groups, at least 30 first-line group purchase website, last 3 years no problem.

of which there are at least 20-30 comparison of the quality of the group buying site, plus total, at least 50 sites can buy the industry reshuffle survived.

two, more than and 30 provinces and cities nationwide will appear first place of group purchase websites, such as JINGWAH times, metropolis daily, Southern Metropolis Daily has its own group purchase website, holding traditional media resources, the group purchase website vitality is not so fragile. A rough estimate, the nature of this kind of buy site at least one hundred.

three, local portals have also entered the market group. Local portal has a loyal and fixed audience, has the advantage to do not need to promote localization of group purchase, first, second business resources, the local portal to do well, at least 30, these sites also striking combat group purchase.

therefore, I have reason to believe that in the short term there is no possibility of large-scale buy shuffle, leaving only 10 sites. A lot of people in the industry usually take the past blog site development history to observe the group buying site, I think this method is committed to empirical errors. Blog and group purchase, although both belong to the Internet category, but two things actually have no relevance, if want to do an analogy, I think the blog is the air force, the armed police combat group purchase is ground, different ways.

if you want to choose an industry as a reference group to buy the market, I think the current high-profile real estate industry, in fact, with the group is the most

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