The clever use of the title of Shanghai Dragon Mining search habits

November 29, 2017

why should the clever use of Shanghai, the title of the article, rather than the content of the article? According to the author’s experience shows that if we write in Shanghai Longfeng article, the title can make good use of it, than in the article in the keyword stuffing the effect to be better, therefore, this needs us to the very understanding of their own industry.

in the new year before the Spring Festival after a period of days, when many companies and units or organizations held corporate annual meeting, often at the same time is the restaurant of the season, if not scheduled in advance, to find a suitable company big party in recent time place, or very troublesome. This is the Amoy K net a profit opportunity, because we are faced with customers is that part of the consumer demand is scheduled >

in the optimization of the actual process, the author repeatedly found that there are those who love Shanghai keyword keyword search volume scanty ranking, but sometimes some of the long tail word but can bring all kinds of Everfount precise flow of this, so I can not help thinking, when we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, how to reasonable allocation in Shanghai the dragon can be more targeted, more effective

two, the clever use of the title of Shanghai Dragon Mining search habits

for some seemingly very good, they not only love in Shanghai index, and as long as do it on the front page one or two, you can get home owners or love love Shanghai station network weights, however many times it is just an illusion.

? Must seriously study the Keywords

when do Shanghai Longfeng work, sometimes need to play to the initiative, only in this way can imitate the consumers’ search habits, then in accordance with their idea to write reasonable Shanghai dragon the title of the article, so as to dig out the accurate and effective long tail word.


is shown in Figure 1, the "K box" is currently scouring the K net is ranked in third place, every day there will be a certain flow from the key in, and it in Shanghai ranking index is 127, fairly good. But in fact the "box Kbox KTV" this is not really effective keywords, but also a love Shanghai ranked the keyword "Kbox box", we can see from Figure 1, the keyword from the natural flow and the number reached 49 IP, the Amoy K net also came in search of love Shanghai third.

, a precise keyword is the key.

this is what we do in Shanghai Longfeng time, only to find the exact keywords, can bring real customers for the company.

then how can we accurately find these useful keywords? In fact, the method is very simple, is to use "speculative".


(Figure 1)

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