Xiamen customs so a cross border goods can also be bought in the store

February 28, 2017

news August 15th, billion state power network that Xiamen Customs recently for the first time in the "shop warehouse" means a single successful clearance of cross-border electricity supplier of goods.

It is reported that

, the clearance of the goods for 15 boxes of 180 bottles of personal care products and commodities in Haicang free trade zone Xiamen cross-border supervision center, by the Xiamen Apong trading company to declare to the customs warehouse, this is the Xiamen cross-border supervision center put into use after the first ticket "shop warehouse outbound goods.

in this way, the consumer experience of merchandise in the store is located in the bonded area after direct orders, goods warehousing, packing, customs clearance after the link, consumers can directly buy the merchandise away, eliminating cross-border O2O store experience needs goods delivery time waiting for orders, improve the user experience. In addition, users can still choose the previous online single, logistics and distribution mode, the delivery time is also reduced.

according to the relevant person in charge of the customs, through the Xiamen cross-border electricity supplier supervision center, now from the customs clearance to the entire process of distribution can be shortened by about half. "Shop warehouse" supervision mode through the Customs seized examination, inspection, "integrated management, realized commodity deposit, exhibition, marketing one-stop business, enterprises will pass inspection and customs clearance cost pass inspection time compression to a minimum, promote the import channels of cross-border electricity supplier, convenient safety and efficient.

According to

billion state power network understanding, Xiamen cross-border supervision center is founded in Xiamen and Xiamen customs related trade commission, Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Haicang District government departments, service is the Xiamen free trade area construction, an important measure of innovation B2B supply chain management model.

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