Users on the four aspects of the site experience

September 12, 2017

second: web design, can not be ignored.

for men, the woman’s face is very important, because a good face can get more Green Mi, no one is willing to have an ugly face. Construction of web design website is the face, if not pretty words, give users a bad impression, causing the user dissatisfaction. That is a terrible thing, such things happen, we should design on the page to make an investigation to see where it went wrong. For example, the picture will be riotous with colour bring very uncomfortable feeling to people, which is what we usually say dazzling. No one love this feeling, because it can not find a sense of direction, like a body to see the clothes color too much, not a main color. The other sites do not appear too many pictures, pictures will slow down the speed of the open web page. The template to make a comparison, found in many websites some website structure is good, take them for a comparison. Starting from the overall comprehensive is the best website template, or find out, and then improve.

in different countries, it will have a different culture. Every country has some different with other habits, but also has great difference. For example Chinese love play Pinyin, foreigners are used English, so Google in China lost to love Shanghai. Because love is Shanghai Chinese enterprise, in view of the Chinese to go much deeper than Google, so love Shanghai to use the advantage of local beat Google, let it roll Chinese this piece of fertile land. Love Shanghai site is unique with Chinese Pinyin, so Google to get more user friendliness, and ultimately establish a good impression in the minds of Chinese. From this point, we know that when we try to remember the name, is easy, simple, can not be strange and eccentric, out of order. This leaves but not good impression in the minds of others, remember that in your own site a let a person can remember the name. On the one hand, the domain name easy to remember the user can deepen the impression. On the other hand, can also have more obvious advantages than the same type of website. So we must spend more time to study this thing, but also do an online questionnaire, look at those names are easier to remember.

when each of us to meet someone for the first time, determines your future development prospects. Similarly, when a user first at a new site when you started the website appraisal. The site is at the second of it, we have no reason to doubt this point. There is no doubt about the importance of the first impression, but when people judge, with very strong subjectivity. So we do website colleagues a lot of effort in this regard, more effort is needed to make the user experience of this one, can not be careless. Then, the user experience is mainly reflected in the following? I say this understanding, I hope useful to you.

: domain name easy to remember, the first big role.

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