Domain analysis

February 28, 2017

market analysis conclusion: domain requirements than we thought to be 10000 times!!!



if all the eyes of very valuable single letter domain name, plus 100 million yuan, the exchange of domain name and YAHOO (YAHOO Yahoo trademark is still available), what is the result? Although

the single letter domain name plus one billion yuan for less than Domestic? Single letter domain name can not be changed to,……

(btw: in known sold domain names, the shortest, the two letters sold for $10 thousand; the longest, twenty letters of sold for $675 thousand. The meaning of the domain name is the most important

(2) sold to portals, e-commerce sites.

domain name and the market?

(1) we pay attention to the newly opened web site is what? What website is very profitable? Everyone will say: pornography. But it doesn’t work in mainland china. So second make money? Third make money? Think about it? This type of site for the needs of the domain name is great. Because China is currently a lot of such sites are no brand value of junk domain name. Moreover, this kind of money or money is likely to make the site more open, more than a few hundred in the short term……

(2) personal website demand. According to the authoritative
I estimate that the six million people most want to have a personality independent domain name. But most of them do not know only spend 100 yuan can apply for an international domain name, English in nets and can cover the original domain, and the domain name can have receiving email (all mass media, books and periodicals are introduced).

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