The evening of May 31st love crazy Shanghai K station AP station Taobao customer losses

September 10, 2017

on Taobao API off site, may we all think I should give up, but in the Taobao customer groups there are indeed some people still insist on doing (including the author). Especially many of the newcomers friends are using this way to promote. Your website is not easy, finally ended up being plucked, a bit unwilling ah! So here we advocate with the exchange, to face and solve the problem.

interested friends welcome you into the group. In May 31st API was K on the QQ group: 142325729

take care the body!

2, love Shanghai for Taobao API off site of another large-scale K station, much to the API site spare none of the potential. The specific reasons for last year have the answer, not elaborated here. But it is worth our thinking is, there are a considerable part of the site and included All is well., is also good, and what does this mean?

3, a friend said that this phenomenon is not for Taobao customers, certainly hope so.

reported last night (the night of May 31st) love Shanghai has conducted a new round of K station, part of the Taobao API passenger station suffered heavy losses. It is understood that this is K site contains basically in the hundreds of thousands, millions, most of the sites were K, some also included all have. At the same time, there is also a part of the site All is well., even without a reaction. The author analysis the main reasons causing this phenomenon:

the last wish stationmaster brothers a lot of money, a lot of

1, similar to love Shanghai "520" phenomenon, there is the issue of love Shanghai database. The strange thing is that part of the site by K, snapshot back in May 20th, I do not know whether the 520 events are associated with. May be to be able to return to normal.

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