Some of the mistakes is easy to ignore in Shanghai when the Dragon a

September 10, 2017

the original content: the pursuit of a contact is not familiar with the industry or literary is not very good, do not blindly pursue the original. Original content is very important, this is done in Shanghai dragon predecessors practice out, I do not want to overthrow this view. I said don’t blindly pursue the original premise is not familiar with the industry or gift is not good friends. In my opinion, the search engine for the original understanding and not on the web has not appeared, in your first website is called original. The search engine will be with high quality, readability, dissemination of quality content. Not familiar with the industry, it is very difficult to write all kinds of articles on the industry. Writing is very difficult, it is not to mention writing readability and spread of the article. Even if we write, the search engine will think you this article is not qualified, so our work greatly reduced, not only a waste of time.

many friends heard or talked about the Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon, mind must be selected target keywords, every day the hair of the chain, reached the purpose of the Shanghai dragon. In fact, if the Shanghai dragon just completed selected keywords and send the chain of the two work on the OK, that is really wrong. Because Shanghai dragon, is a systematic project, in addition to the chain, choose keywords. There are a series of work to do, so this paper will talk about some Shanghai Longfeng some easy to ignore.

: first to understand website optimization to optimize home Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not just the home station. A lot of friends in the site to embedded keywords, consider only the home page. The page title and description is the home page up excitedly on the area outside the chain, completely regardless of inside page keyword layout is proper. Shanghai dragon Er should know, your home page is a page that is not the whole website. Can only say that the home page is more important than the other. A large site, rely on a few keywords that home to flow, not simply the live of a web site, more traffic is from the inside pages. For a very simple example, if a website like Shanghai collected 10 thousand pages, A do in Shanghai Longfeng, home of the selected keywords can only bring about 50 thousand traffic, but the remaining 9999 pages also do optimization, each page can bring 10 flow, add up to 150 thousand traffic. B when doing Shanghai dragon, keyword selected can bring 100 thousand flow, but did not do what the rest of the page optimization, at best can bring 2~3 flow, add up to 12~13 million flow. So, that means the flow is more effective? Also, you will select A Shanghai or B Shanghai dragon dragon manipulation technique? So, when do Shanghai dragon, not only do home page optimization, but also optimize the inside pages do we think is not so simple, there are now in the program website template in the template, as long as we changed, so all the inside pages will follow your template set is displayed.

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