Talk about Shanghai Longfeng optimization thinking strategies of several points

September 8, 2017

optimization is one looks very tall on the occupation, in outsiders but actually work is still very bitter.

What is the

said above is estimated there are a lot of friends met, don’t make the optimization of Shanghai dragon is really so miserable? Said the office of the white-collar workers, said the tall

as mentioned above this line of work boring, my understanding is that. If you stay in this stage, it proves that you haven’t really understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the core points, why? Because the real master do optimization thinking and strategy about, rather than some people do bad things, innovation, breakthrough nature is unavoidable.

of Shanghai Longfeng thinkingIn fact,

this is an ordinary articles, not what the so-called "big" content, only some real Shanghai, share the experience of optimization. Today Li Yong Shanghai dragon and we talk about this industry to the heart of the industry, I talk about some views and some "skill", of course, this also represents only my personal opinion. I am not what master, nor what Daniel, just entered the industry a little time, experience more.

first, the industry wage in many city is generally not too high, even a factory of ordinary workers are better than you, if alone estimated the job family a little. Moreover, this industry work is boring, usually send the chain, a network of porters, edit website content, modify the template file, update the content and so on, sometimes even engage in promotion, such as to the QQ group send link guides what flow, day after day, year after year, you may feel no meaning, it is a network of migrant workers.

Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon first optimization of your basic skills must be solid, secondly, is good to these basic skills.

in fact, because of the different understanding of each person, so it will cause all kinds of stories. My understanding is that, no matter what we do things, only if we are willing to triumph, even the most basic of these bitter all eat it, how could there be a willing? Even if you can not afford.


Shanghai dragon white is your brain thinking enough to turn faster, in order to achieve your desired goal, always pay attention to you every day, to observe the various sizes of things happening around. For example, a period of time before the event UNIQLO is fire, many people use the event had made a great deal of money, this is the power of thought, others are watching, they are thinking about how to use, how to cash.


low wages only shows you the ability is limited, if you are strong, I think the salary of thousands of what is not difficult, because of your high value, it is to help your company to earn more money, then you pay not less.

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