Analysis of three kinds of love Shanghai right down to the most common site encountered

September 7, 2017


second, the website chain speed increases too fast. This is either a veteran or novice mistakes in their own, for example, contribute their best when optimizing the way of the construction of the chain is soft, then a new station on the line in order to obtain the chain, the author of several articles written submissions every day to the platform of the article, second days to see the number of reproduced the chain brought very much, the quality is very high, the author is pleased to observe their website weight and ranking, surprise this time, website ranking directly fell to one hundred outside, this is what I have not thought of, not to say that the chain of high quality, wide release platform can improve the site weight? But that is not the case, we know that the chain has accumulated a period of time, as a new short time increase the number of the chain, even Gao Quanzhong The chain will also be love Shanghai cheating and punishment site down the right, at every time in the process of Web site optimization will bring experience for their own accumulation, after these, the author in the construction of the chain to understand the importance of that step by step, a short time to increase the chain is tantamount to drinking poison love is, Shanghai abandoned is inevitable, so whether it is new or old station, the chain construction must be gradual increase every day, avoid short time the chain is no harm Lee to increase the weights of the website.

website is down right as everyone knows things, especially for the optimization of new, for the love of Shanghai was all at sea puzzled, love is right down every two or three days in Shanghai are often things, things I encounter down right in the process of optimized website is down right today I will be too numerous to enumerate, their reasons are often encountered in website optimization in the process of detailed analysis and we look good, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

first, the low quality of website content. The content of the website is the quality of love for Shanghai site right down to the most obvious performance, most of the time when I optimize the site especially the new station on the line, because the site is absolutely empty, as soon as possible in order to update the website content, they are forced to publish false original article, every 5 to about ten articles, the number of articles is promoted, but the site snapshot has not updated website ranking directly into the 100, he was still thinking, not as long as the acquisition of the article should be loved by Shanghai! But his deep lessons. At present, Shanghai love algorithm continuously upgrade, for the low quality of the assessment efforts continue to increase, as a webmaster website ranking and trying to get love Shanghai’s favor by opportunistic, this time has gone far away, after the change of update strategy, the weekly update 2 to three, the number of small, but high quality, after nearly a month of hard work, the website ranking first enters the top 100, second months into the first three pages, therefore, these are not everybody to pay attention to quality of the content of it more or less affect our website ranking.

third, in the every hour and moment.

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