Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival opened a new shared mobile phone put the price

February 28, 2017

April 6th, Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival with an unprecedented scale and rich content to start. Participate in the activities of a wide range of goods, including mobile phones, digital, computer office and other categories. Among them, the mobile phone category is particularly stunning, dozens of new Jingdong starting, hundreds of mobile phone are gathered to participate in the activities of the consumer to surprise! More than that, during the event, more super brand, category, comprehensive promotion, product more yuan, rich, affordable, is really a luxury feast a big gathering, famous gathered in the. Activities of all products presented by the high cost and quality services, but also beyond the expectations of the vast number of consumers in one fell swoop!

first line of new manufacturers, Jingdong combination highlights new power

The first big

mobile phone repeatedly, just with the Department of the Milky Way buyout Jingdong jointly Samsung S7, achieved a 1 hour single break through 37000 miracle; the highly anticipated new products of millet, will also release "new bonus" welcomed; and HUAWEI P9 and LG G5, LETV le 2 super mobile phone also have to choose Jingdong first platform, once again set off a national craze. In addition, Apple, Lenovo and other brands and Jingdong depth cooperation, dozens of new products, hundreds of explosive products, allowing consumers to buy the first time, feel the world’s leading technology.


big mobile phone every day 50 percent off berserk, explosive goods seckill hey turn the audience

during the event, the mobile phone brand promotion series debut: April 13th, Z9mini5 Z9 Mini Nubian fold seckill; elite version straight down 200; in April 14th 414 the eco hardware free, "the love" over here, Le 1S Princess version of the 50 percent off flash sale, Le 1S version for only 1099 and the Crown Princess send multiple members; April 15th to 17, the special explosive goods will make consumers hooked, a single stand by 200, more vivo X6S shocked the market, April 15th, Meizu Charm Blue Note2 limit 9.9 yuan berserk, HUAWEI enjoy half price 5 499.5 HUAWEI P7 April 16th seckill; limit as low as 449.5 yuan half seconds; on April 15-16, HUAWEI’s new P9 flash sale! Not only that, there are big commitment, within 3 months of the new machine to send mobile phone broken screen, broken screen for new purchase delivery insurance and other preferential benefits; in addition, millet 5 full Netcom spot panic buying, you not wrong Too.

April 18th, the climax of hot strikes, 24 hours of uninterrupted seckill, 418 crazy! Mobile phone as low as 9 blocks of 9; those who use Jingdong wallet scan code to pay the price, stand by random, the highest per order minus 999 yuan, 418 more exclusive mobile phone universal vouchers, 2500-1302000-1101000-60 value of preferential hi burst the HUAWEI and glory, Meizu, Le lemon, etc. our best-selling models as low as 50 percent off grab more low-cost surprise cool purchase 418! April 19th to 26, 3C shopping.

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