Discussion on how to optimize mall website

September 7, 2017

second, choose keywords, strategy of words, basically is your main keywords, you need long-term optimization up, for example, you have a laptop website, you can set the sub notebook, _ notebook price _ DELL laptop notebook, so is your main keyword. A mall site just do a keyword, need to do a lot of keywords, according to my experience, long tail keywords conversion rate will be higher than the primary key. So, the long tail keywords is long-term mall site to do.

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first, the website structure for website optimization, the home page, the update, and the website message, other content updates are very important, because this is your home to do the main keywords, need a lot of updates, JS code is not too much, not easy to be optimized. The two level directory, if your product is updated frequently, so it is necessary to make a product message and product evaluation call. In this case, you can update each page. The product page updates, evaluation and message can bring you constantly updated, you can do long tail keyword in the product page. Product knowledge update, many websites do not do this, in fact, this time you do, not only can give you a lot of traffic, and all of your potential customers.

was the first to introduce myself, I am a web site in Shanghai Longfeng mall Er, now mainly responsible for a site of the Shanghai dragon promotion work, so a mall site is how to optimize it, as long as possible small website optimization of several key words, but for a large site of Shanghai dragon is, not only is the optimization of a few keywords, but need to optimize many keywords. The first is from the structure of the site.

fourth, website optimization is good, can do SNS, EDI and so on, because of an industry website word is limited after all, if the maintenance of good old customers, so you will not improve the site traffic. In fact, the most important part is the marketing again.

third, according to their own website product keywords, for example, you make a website notebook mall, if you want to give you which keywords bring traffic and conversion rate is not high index, you can bring more sales. You can put all the keywords in the guide software, and then choose your site keywords. For example, some people search notebook notebook knowledge, please? Certainly not how much money to buy notebook strong desire.

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