Website optimization is another way of differentiation strategy is the core

September 6, 2017

But with the

search technology evolution, coupled with the Internet on the original call, whether it is website structure or website content, or design and many other elements, all hopes to attract new users and search engines, so the website optimization now if walk the road of success, I am afraid to succeed will be very difficult and only through offbeat innovation to success, another way to be successful.

first, analysis of similar keywords competitors. This is the best way to find another way. The analysis of the key competitors is to analyze each other’s success and shortcomings. Don’t just analyze success of competitors, and ignore their shortcomings, and this is precisely the many webmaster easy to ignore in optimizing a website where. Our advantages are easy to imitate, but the difference is to avoid disadvantages of alienation is the key to optimize the road. Only the analysis of the shortcomings of competitors, can be used as the core of innovation, so as to get out of his own road.

second, the quality of the content to go different. In the optimization of the website, the content is the core of the optimization, especially in the love of Shanghai original spark program, the original requirement is very strict, such as the telephone network website before, whether it is website structure and content is thousand times, and this website now is undoubtedly very difficult to succeed. Now in the content without their own characteristics, for example, find the characteristics from the subdivision, others engage in educational content, then you can vertical segments from the educational content on the efforts to find a new way of difference.

in site search optimization if you want another way, the best way is to take the difference of the road, which can find their own innovation from the following aspects.

Internet is the biggest number of content pot, but there are a lot of repetition and similar means, such as a few years ago, a single page Taobao guest website is popular, the Internet is full of L-carnitine a single page Taobao guest website. In order to let the user have a great antipathy. In this situation a key factor is that the love Shanghai search engine intelligent have now advanced, so to the webmaster friends found a way to copy.


third, innovative website architecture. Now many webmaster friends love to buy free website templates, such as dedecms and PHPwind, these free website templates can reduce the difficulty of construction, but now the Internet architecture has many similar sites, let love Shanghai produce fatigue. So these sites to get love in favour of Shanghai, it is very difficult to succeed. So in the website structure, need out of the difference of the road, this is actually very simple, only need to modify the site template, or simple reconstruction in the original architecture. The technology to send the webmaster is relatively simple, for the operation of school webmaster >

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