The promotion of CEO’s EQ is the key to a prosperous enterpriseDing Xiangyuan Li Tiantian from nort

September 5, 2017

Li Tiantian’s reason for arriving in Hangzhou is that like-minded people are willing to jump in and start a business together.

then he was a doctor at the Union Medical College in Beijing. To have a choice between reading and management to Lilac Garden, he has been inclined to the latter, just a way to visit you senior moderator, you have any suggestions for our future, is registered as a NGO or completely commercialized, while looking for entrepreneurial city.

in Sina micro-blog, Feng Dahui is a top of the long-term "clove doctor found health", open the link is an article to his blog, the creation of underlying "clove community doctor". His identity is "Lilac Park CTO", and now add one: "a chronic disease."".

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in a big company, mood or attitude to CEO infection and will affect the company’s emotional atmosphere, only the leader’s emotional intelligence capabilities continue to improve, enterprises can better

EQ refers to the effective management of the ability of self and interpersonal relationship. It consists of 4 basic qualities: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. Each quality is made up of a series of specific skills. With the management of the increasing degree of attention to emotional intelligence, how to cultivate and improve the EQ and other issues continue to emerge, authority on Daniel · Goleman Daniel Goleman this will benefit you.

CEO is set to the standard

EQ can be transformed into profit, income

site? In fact, Li Tiantian has suffered for it.

settled in Hangzhou, Li Tiantian is the use of 2004 and 2005 holidays, in the East, especially coastal cities looking for a circle of results. Starting from Beijing, Ji’nan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, and the last stop is Shenzhen.

How important is the

"actually, I particularly want to tell other business friends that there is no need to consider too many places in the early days of entrepreneurship, where they can live, develop, move, or set up offices. The most important factor, in fact, is human." Li Tiantian says.

leaving Harbin,

"a huge harvest of lilac gardens in Hangzhou is the addition of great splendor," Li Tiantian lamented. In fact, Li Tiantian to Hangzhou because there are like-minded people willing to jump in business together, from Zhang Jin, Zhou Shuzhong, to their angel investors, Manhattan capital group partner Wang Jin, and later Feng Dahui. Prior to this, this is a strong academic professional forum, far from the company operation.

in 2006, the founder of the Lilac Garden, Li Tiantian, moved from Harbin to Hangzhou, with Zhang Jin and Zhou Shuzhong forming an iron triangle, and the Lilac Garden began to commercialize. In 2010 he joined the Feng Dahui, business circle reds, former Alipay data architect, famous expert in Oracle, but not by conventional card, "dedicated to medical career". He was quite serious this time: the publicity for the App drug assistant, who was responsible for the launch of the lilac hills; and, as a patient with rheumatoid arthritis, managed to single handedly set up "Lilac doctor".

Ding Xiangyuan Li Tiantian: from northeast to South China


his first venture was in Harbin. When it was founded in 2000, Ding Xiangyuan was just a personal website for retrieving medical literature. In 2002, he started an English training company, when five foreign teachers taught in small classes in Harbin


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