How to optimize the web page open speed

September 5, 2017

HTML optimization code

is the common focus marker optimization method, for optimizing Web page loading speed, can also be analyzed using some tools, the author wrote before the "clever use of nobility baby tool to optimize the loading speed in the home", for the responsible Qilu talent network as an example to analyze the optimization of the page loading speed, the nobility baby with page-speed tool can provide a detailed report in the report of "the optimization speed, you can clearly see the need to optimize the content. Main project for processing are:

5, < meta http-equiv= Content-type"… >. Specify the character encoding of the file has caused great confusion, the priority of Content-type than HTTP HEADER, when both are present, first request higher priority, so if you can control the server response, and set up the HEADER, the MATE can be safely ignored, unless the page needs to browse local time.


1, delete comments in script match. In most of the mainstream browser, add notes to HTML script block is not needed. Estimation of old teeth no users in the use of the browser.

a web page open speed directly affects the user experience, just a few visitors will waste your time on a loading rate of more than 8 seconds on the page, now the Internet information is everywhere, visitors can get information from many web pages, how to let visitors stay on your page, website optimization the loading speed is very important.

page is a foundation for the downsizing of the site and reduce the unnecessary page code is optimized for the client, the main means to accelerate the website loading speed. Specifically, code optimization is about mark optimization, not only can reduce the cleaning mark the size of the document, but also can make the document easier to maintain visibility of search engine. Here are a few common need to optimize the code example.

4, < input type= "text" > the default attribute is text, can be ignored.

2, the event attributes (such as onclick="…" Onmou ver=, Shanghai dragon"…" Etc.) written in the HTML tag is a very unwise, reduce the maintainability of the code, and the pollution of the label. Events can be attributed by JS dynamic add, not only can be controlled flexibly, can also use the JS client cache, so that these events don’t always follow the document request attribute.

3, < form method= "get" > method form, the default is get, so if you are using get if you can not write.

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