Why do only study the Google Shanghai Dragon

August 30, 2017

why Xiangzi stressed that "we do Shanghai Longfeng, whether Chinese website or website of Shanghai dragon English, should follow the Google algorithm"? This is that years of experience based on the conclusion of Shanghai dragon, I always follow this idea to optimize network station. Google is the world’s largest and most sophisticated search engine development trend, Google’s algorithm has represented all search engines ranking algorithm; Google can provide the most webmaster webmaster tools and data rich, easy to diagnose the website of Shanghai dragon; another point is Google relatively speaking it is a fair and open the search engine, Google owners get feedback channel and more. OK, that was a bit vague, the following several factors start to explain it in detail:

website or website Chinese English Shanghai Longfeng, should follow the Google algorithm:

technology into the algorithm, it is ranked first. In the Internet there is a very fine way: the Internet is to imitate. No matter what search engine including love Shanghai, Google research continuously algorithm and ranking factors is a very real problem. Perhaps different search engines will base their characteristics, but from the basic algorithm of speaking, almost all close to Google.

at present, Shanghai has Chinese love search market 60-70% market share, Google share of less than 10%. Chinese in Shanghai dragon industry, there is a common idea is that Chinese do website optimization, or making love without paying attention to Google Shanghai optimization. Shanghai dragon Xiangzi did not agree with this statement. All Shanghai dragon Er have clearly know that love Shanghai search ranking results often because the on-line algorithm update or new algorithm and significant change. For example: in 2011 Chinese Shanghai Longfeng industry is generally considered an effective approach through the purchase of high weight site links to the rankings very effective, but in 2012 with Scindapsus algorithm on-line, it is your site from Shanghai love causes disappear.

No matter from the market share, Google

, first of all, the most perfect representative of Google search engine algorithm.

Chinese website of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon can make many Er feel confused: if love Shanghai was a growing children, personally think it is not a very sophisticated search engine. However, it is Chinese love Shanghai search engine boss, like the · only six years old when he became king Pu Yi, is not mature, but it is the emperor, we have to respect it. We have to face the Shanghai dragon Er love Shanghai non-stop new on-line algorithm, or a major update to the important algorithm for many Chinese website especially small and medium-sized website caused a fatal blow. We turn to look at Google, there doesn’t seem to be this: Google algorithm update is generally gradual, moderate, generally not due to a major update algorithm on-line or an important algorithm for ranking search results brought about great change.

Whether it is to do

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