A common misunderstanding Shanghai dragon half take doctrine optimization by feeling

August 12, 2017

A, in order to avoid the practice of validation error type, proposed at the beginning must learn the most accurate knowledge of Shanghai dragon theory, verify type from the source to eliminate waste. Here we recommend learning search optimization guide provides, such as "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" and "Google webmaster guidelines".

a lot of friends to learn Shanghai dragon in the beginning, the Shanghai dragon is with the help of some webmaster experience in front of this point, many webmaster is no ground for blame, but a half of the ISM, we all know that the ISM is the most important three points: share, selection, innovation. Many of my friends have very forthright advanced knowledge to share, but also according to their own need to select a part he considers his more useful knowledge, but not to verify the accuracy of knowledge here, let alone innovation, this is a misunderstanding you many friends are easy to go into the.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Recently there are a lot of friends asked me some basic problems, but from these issues obviously feel the awareness about the Shanghai, there are still some problems, in fact we base Shanghai Longfeng knowledge theory master is very good, but the basic problem is more easily into the misunderstanding, today I will give now we introduce some errors for easy access. The Shanghai dragon misunderstanding actually in front of many friends talked about some common misunderstandings of specific, but may talk about are some specific operational errors, here I mainly talk about you for some Shanghai Longfeng knowledge as a whole, there is some misunderstanding in thinking analysis, hope that we can love.

solution: a lot of friends can speak very fast: practice. But how to practice? The following three steps, we must pay attention to:

1, half of the ISM, do not pay attention to the practice of

C, the execution stage, in strict accordance with the implementation of the program, and to make data statistics, data analysis, data service. >

for example, we are talking about the keyword density, the keyword density should be controlled in 2%-8%, and the key words to appear naturally, if we do not practice to verify these limits, it is difficult to grasp why there is such a limit (less than 2% is not conducive to the promotion of more than 8% have correlation keywords, keywords accumulation of suspicion,) why should the keywords (because of "natural keyword search engine will appear, the correlation for the website keywords page is too high to moderate tolerance). So this is the first error is what others say, you don’t go to practice.

B, making practice plan of subdivision, can be staged, can also be multi site synchronization. For example, speaking in front of the keyword density range, you can specify the 3-4 interval test, making 3-4 a web page, a keyword in the layout of different keyword density, the effect on the website keywords ranking.

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