Hot words ranking suddenly disappeared and how to do My website ranking comeback experience

August 12, 2017

navigation have been added in the "about me", introduced myself, don’t love Shanghai see know that I am a man, so the man is not love online? Should not

also added an internal forum, open only to registered users in Shanghai, love is not grab. The main purpose is to share and exchange only because Shanghai dragon does not want to become dry cargo, the site of the feeble platform. This access to some love Shanghai, as will reduce the score of such station, suspected or larger.

website love Shanghai statistical background, analysis of the chain one by one, there is no violation of the garbage outside the chain, and checked again before the page does not exist, the individual had already refused the. Domain check the chain, found more than 100 more today than yesterday, because love Shanghai omits many results, do not see what should be more specific, is not the problem.


Hello, I am Shanghai Longfeng Jones, do not know if you have seen my share in his blog "I do not let the hot words to the home page for a month"? When my website "Beijing Shanghai dragon" the words in love that is like Shanghai ranked upwards ah, sleep no wake up, did not expect less than a week, the website ranking suddenly disappeared, to February this is.

but I found: search for "Shanghai dragon Jones, www on the first page, but is not to take the WWW domain name in the third place there. Don’t take the WWW domain from the analysis that day is 301 ah, how could this domain? Don’t love Shanghai on the 301 recognition rate is still not high?

two, then look up the other there is no problem


Site check collected, did not decrease, but also the first home; love Shanghai statistics background website index does not have what change; see the server log number found love Shanghai spiders not only did not decline but also improve, page crawl frequency can reach 20 times, and the day before a few more is good. It seems the problem is not very serious.

station? 2, check the chain

1, Links, did not find a penalized site, basically in the first site. But there are two friends in Guangzhou site that day is paralyzed, yesterday also check all right, should not be the problem! Inform them to deal with, find space should be able to quickly restore customer service.

in addition, the front page after moving on


, an accident to find out whether the problem is serious

recently "keywords Beijing Shanghai Longfeng" appeared on page second, and this time it also brought a family: "Beijing website optimization", wander in the first two or three pages. Before Beijing Shanghai dragon ranking why disappear? Then I do what work? Many of my friends asked me in Shanghai dragon Raiders QQ group, I have to share with you today.

3, think about what the


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