B2C e commerce website search engine optimization scheme of Shanghai Dragon

August 12, 2017


2-4, "the problem of

3), title and meta in the keyword density is reasonable: the Title and Meta keywords interference too much, the main keyword density is not reasonable, resulting in inaccurate judgment of search engine web content, the influence of income and ranking.

included major search engines

on the web server is divided, without much of a problem found by testing tools, web server using independent IP, the corresponding speed, but in the open page manual sometimes slow page loading phenomenon, mainly on the card in the lower right corner of the video display screen.

2, title) and the length of meta is reasonable: Title and the length of Meta is reasonable, but the interference of too many keywords, search engine marketing judgment of the web content.

Shanghai dragon

2-1, the server factors

website in Shanghai, Google, YAHOO, love search, Youdao, Bing, Sogou search engine included in how to. The snapshot is normal, snapshot date is normal and so on.

2-3, Title

/ and meta tags

Shanghai Longfeng

electronic mall site search engine optimization more and more attention by enterprises, an electronic mall in Shanghai Longfeng do good directly affect the site traffic, thus affecting the product sales in the electronic mall. Therefore, the electronic mall sales is good and Shanghai dragon is inseparable, then explain how a better B2C e-commerce website search engine optimization Shanghai dragon.

first to analyze the status of

2-2, the content of the website

1), the lack of H1 tag ", highlighting the main keywords of the page,"


The design details of the

1), whether each page title and meta are different: the product page Title of the same lot, for example: all the "XXX sunscreen" with Title is "XXX sunscreen", a lot of Meta and Keyword in the same description.

basic data analysis


1), website content is rich? The site has a large number of products, rich product pictures, but not the simple product introduction, product specifications, size, color, fabric and other details.

2), whether the site has original content? For E-commerce mall, a lot of pictures, but the search engine is unable to read the picture information, therefore, the introduction of the product is directly related to the original, the original ratio of the content of the website. At present, the website of the product introduction, Title Similarity of products is high, resulting in the formation of the original web site content is low, included less.

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