Do Shanghai dragon will start from the most basic elements of web three

August 12, 2017

2. character fluctuation to collocation. This can clear vision, because now many display resolution would be relatively high, people looked uncomfortable without cadence. If the Yahoo is very good, if your domain name is opnmnu, it seems not beautiful.

2. according to a number of key words, Pinyin, digital domain combination. For example: letters + numbers, words, Pinyin + + digital digital digital + pinyin.

+ industry

1. can take the company name Pinyin combination, easy to remember, but must pursue the principle of simplicity, short.

area code or the first letter English + hospital: 0769+ dg+ hospital

third, other factors

The The

second, should pay attention to the following aspects of significance in the domain name

1. personal website or blog can choose a personalized domain name, choose according to their preferences.

3. the number of characters and not to be confused with: such as O and 0, 1 and l looks very similar, have a good coordination.

2. can choose the main English keywords inside the industry, if the domain name is the most Shanghai dragon industry contains this English the Shanghai dragon.

believes that everyone should know that the site is composed of what! The domain name space, these three points are to determine our Shanghai dragon effect. So we should be from the start to do the three? This is the foundation of a website, half cooked words that start is successful, in the Shanghai dragon in this aspect, pay attention to these three elements is a start.

domain name is one of the three major components of a website, so we have to be careful. Customers know our fundamental website from the basic domain started, here we come to the actual share of my method!

The digital domain name,

hospital, Meirong Hospital Name + industry: each word of the first word.

3. has special significance is also good, the more difficult to find.

created 3. unique domain name, domain name and other new words.

, the first character should pay attention to the following

client is beauty and beauty hospital in Dongguan, Hong Tao will to choose the domain name from the following aspects:

area code or the first English letters: 0769mr dg-mr dgmeirong

domain name

1. the number of characters to be short. Good character is short, good input. When choosing a domain name suffix, suggest that you preferred贵族宝贝, because this is the people in the address, enter the URL of the habit is贵族宝贝. The domain name number is about 3 to 6. Fewer words, Chinese is very attention, after all we have is to write Chinese characters from the beginning.

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