Five factors make your website talent shows itself

August 12, 2017

3, we carefully look at the interactive columns: basically love Shanghai after adjustment, in addition to love Shanghai love Shanghai products know that Wikipedia, outside ranking is nothing more than some very strong interaction, can help users to find the things we need their own website, the website do not try to explore the Shanghai algorithm and should be more love Shanghai has been inclined to love love things, such as quiz column, about your website theme of common article, even with some on the theme of the site news program can, although these brought a lot of useless traffic, but I feel the site is self-evident.

2, the chain: now just a one or two year basic site outside of the chain are up to tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of millions of have I seen, indeed the article and the chain is two important factors of the site, I think Shanghai will not be silly not to waste a single judge a website with a number of popular chain we need to do some more, the high quality of the site, as related to our site, let people feel the existence of links is valuable, I think every day several high quality chain, far better than a lot of junk chain.


4, website chat bomb box: this change really changed, forced the bomb box, following bomb box, make people sick.

website optimization for more than two years, in fact there are some of their own ideas have been written for two weeks, love Shanghai adjustment, a large number of websites is K let me have a new understanding of the optimization, we are going to the website continued to have certain flow but each over a period of time to worry about K was then going, or to take a new approach to make their sites and other sites from Shanghai, let the love that we are a valuable website. I summed up the following points.


article: 1, we can look at, now the medical website article, whether false original or original can not escape the points, it seems that these are kind of knowledge on the station to repeat in love Shanghai, basically revolves around a symptom of the disease, treatment costs, therapy, check this several points. At the end of the paper, adding a lot of promotion, in Shanghai it seems that the article these marketing type strong, serious impact on the promotion of Shanghai love order, real patients need little help seekers and few things. So how are we going to do it, first I think the marketing type need not be too strong, as long as the article title, express, you can. Marketing is not too strong, you do what is a web site, users can see it know, I really don’t understand why we have in each article added a lot of marketing. Can some more daily life, knowledge, knowledge, or even on your website related reports and news, I can feel, users are willing to look, look at the same time not only bring traffic, and let love Shanghai and set you apart from the conventional optimization.

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