About eight near Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to understand the

August 12, 2017

as the Shanghai dragon practitioners we cannot confine ourselves to his place in the circle of creation, we need to try to ask more, communicate with other peers. I see a lot of good people in Shanghai Longfeng forum asked questions, some people are willing to share their own way, such ability can be improved, the only way Shanghai dragon skills to get real improvement. If you do not exchange door, your method and contacts will be lost. This occupation Shanghai dragon is also accumulated contacts, the more extensive network, your work efficiency will improve.

whether grassroots webmaster, enterprise or company. If you do the site, if you are using the Internet to promote their products or services, you are inevitable to use to search engine. And now Shanghai dragon is one of the best search engine marketing strategy. As a practitioner in the middle of Shanghai dragon we search engine algorithm updates the shuttle, more weight to the search engine ranking challenges. Today, in this paper the author will not talk about what the advanced optimization technology, the author want to share about Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to understand in the occupation on the road of Shanghai dragon six big iron.

rule four: as Shanghai Longfeng practitioners you are always students

second Shanghai dragon iron is a patient in mind, we know that even if you have advanced Shanghai Dragon technology experience, but we have to face the fact that you need to have patience. Site operation and promotion is really a long process, from the site of the initial frame design, layout, and later the chain content construction and operation, all the way along with the Shanghai dragon. Can’t say that you do optimization today, tomorrow can be effective. Even if you get quick access to effective use of black hat, but the results are often does not support long. So as Shanghai dragon practitioners we still need to have patience, step by step down.

three: Shanghai iron dragon practitioners need to communicate

iron recording process need to work in time


two: Shanghai iron dragon practitioners need more patience

Shanghai Longfeng work needed to record each section of Hang process and other work, and even to record higher requirements, we need to process each operation record, recording method and the optimization effect. Whether in the success or failure, we need to summarize the principle. Because in the US as Shanghai dragon’s occupation career, we can not only optimize a site, application of the Institute records will be convenient for later on other sites to get deeper and wider. Even today yisou online is Shanghai dragon tutorial, or you also a Shanghai dragon master training, but their operation get fruit must be the same. We need to constantly sum up a set of their own "new in order to be different".

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