Small security start up T company became billionaires once earned 180 yuan dare not fall in loveT

August 8, 2017


– Feng Kui,


Well is not only monotonous "to do" list is so simple, it does not emphasize the completion time, not too many restrictions on the list frame properties, can be said to be any list with the social nature of the repository: you can do in the event list: travel to see the book, the wedding to prepare something, let have experience or like-minded people or friends to give you advice; you can use it as your wish list: want to buy things in life, the desire to achieve; you can even use it as a product before you buy something: you can list the list on your backup camera, you want to let others buy the camera do evaluation, Like help you make your decision.


recently, atom group Hongkong Co., Ltd. vice president Feng Kui low-key appeared in Wuhan, Wuhan and several well-known business owners to discuss cooperation, at the same time on the Wuhan market, ready to invest and build factories in hometown.

didn’t have a penny loan at the bank, and there was no debt outside. That’s what I’m most proud of.

entrepreneurial process

in Shenzhen for second days, Feng Kui friends, spent 5 yuan tickets in the talent market in Shenzhen to find a job, the owner of a beauty salon products factory hired him to do security, a monthly salary of 600 yuan, the bag eats.

but just over a month, Feng Kui resigned. "At that time, the boss was from Chaozhou. He had a gangster background and opened a beauty shop. He often called us security guards to collect money."." Feng Kui is a soldier, although he left the army, but the spirit of justice insisted that he could no longer work here. "Even working, I should do some decent things and do a clean job."."

for example, you create a "karaoke song" list, which is filled in when you want to sing K song. After creation, your friends or others can make recommendations for the list Suggest, which will be placed in your list in public. When you see good advice, you can accept these suggestions as part of what your list is going to accomplish. Interestingly, the Well development team for this function, Well also built a suggestion for Well Well recommended list, let the user see details website has been improved and the team adopted user suggestions.

opens Well, you can create your own list of tasks, or you can browse through other people’s to-do lists. Each Well in the task list can be used Instagram or equipment in good photo cover and primer, decorate originally serious uninteresting task list.

went to Shenzhen for the first night at a park bench for the night,

was not a good way, and find a door on the station of Shenzhen Red Cross Hospital, to find a place to stay." Feng Kui said he wanted to thank the experience of that time, and the hardships of life encouraged him to make a personal difference. Six months later, Feng Kui began experimenting with new jobs — China Ping An 43.54, -1.23, -2.75% micro-blog, the company’s Insurance Industry

how rich is life? Perhaps starting from completing more task lists. Although the task list to-do list sound scary and solemn, but we always some less important or urgent desire or life plan, such as I want to taste the delicacy, want to drink cocktail, I want to go to the country, to read the book, I want to do before the end of life things…… These to-do list warm, plump, content is also suitable to be shared, but there is always a comprehensive platform to share records. Today’s Well is a social platform that can integrate and share to-do list.

people have limited ability, but let people around you feel happy because of yourself.

Changjiang Daily News

" has seen rags to riches, never seen him so thoroughly." The friends all judge Feng Kui like this, admire his intelligence and courage. Born in rural areas, worked as a soldier, worked as a security guard, and sold insurance…… From the security guard to the leadership of 4000 employees Feng Kui, billionaire, has a kind of wisdom and life experience of


it’s organized like Twitter, you can focus on others and have fans. Each list can be set up as private or public. When the list is made public, others can see your list and make recommendations.

education is secondary and more appreciative of people who have tasted hardship.

every public list will have social engagement, where you can choose L>

"got off the train, it felt so hot.". Everyone walks on the street in a hurry, and no one stops to look at you." Feng Kui said that in June 2000, Shenzhen was a fast-paced city, but it was everyone’s busy expression that strengthened his idea and must do it here.

due to lack of money with him, Feng Kui on a bench in the park to sleep for the night, "there is a desperate feeling, but feel not what pressure, that night slept soundly." Feng Kui said, after the army’s exercise, open-air overnight is not difficult for him, now think of what was not too deep impression, just remember to sleep very well.




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