The September audit SP copyright issues without qualification will be forced offlineNew Oriental net

August 8, 2017

New Oriental Network’s main business income, including online education services revenue, brand licensing and hardware and software services revenue. In addition to the main business income, the company’s revenue also includes marketing services, revenue, handling fees and other business income.

August 6th, MII announced a comprehensive inventory of SP in radio and television in order to carry out the name resolution, star marriage content-based interactive program.

Yu Minhong holdings New Oriental, Tencent holding 12.2917%

New Oriental Network 2015 revenue of 317 million, net profit of 15 million 430 thousand yuan

28, Beijing New Oriental fast network Polytron Technologies Inc i.e., New Oriental online, the stock referred to as the "New Oriental net" issued 27 public transfer instructions, the application listed on the new board, issued 60 million shares through the transfer market making.

, online education services revenue in 2016, 1-3, 2015, 2014, accounting for the proportion of total operating income over the same period were 99.49%, 95.08% and 98.85%. The proportion of operating income is higher, which is the main source of revenue for the company.


network B2C and B2B business model based on the preschool, primary and middle school students, college students and occupation groups to provide online education services, the exam oriented training involves schools, Tofu, GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, ACT, CET 46, a number of areas for four, specifically eight, Kaobo PubMed,, occupation examination.

The controlling shareholder of

announcement revealed, New Oriental net 2014, 2015 and 2016 1-3 months of revenue were 216 million yuan, 317 million yuan and 78 million 890 thousand yuan; net profit was 10 million 620 thousand yuan, 15 million 430 thousand yuan and 3 million 670 thousand yuan.

in 2007, the Ministry of information industry of SP significantly increased supervision, including SP market group SMS trick consumption, deductions, the price tag is not unknown, bad information, false advertising and other five kinds of social issues reflect the strong.

New Oriental equity structure

August 13th news, the reporter was informed that the Ministry of information industry in September will be joint operators of all national SP business rights audit review, once found no copyright, qualification and other issues will be mandatory offline processing.

New Oriental is the New Oriental Group, which holds 67.9729% of the New Oriental network. The 20th century friendship holds 100% stake in New Oriental Group; Mr. Yu Minhong holds 80% stake in century friendly; Mr. Yu Minhong’s mother, Ms. Li, holds 20% stake in century friendship. Therefore, through the shareholding structure point of view, Mr. Yu Minhong indirectly holds the controlling rights of New Oriental net, and is the actual controller of New Oriental net.

it is worth noting that the company in 2015 compared to 2014 revenue growth of 47.09%, including 41.47% growth in online education service revenue growth of 387.24%, brand licensing and hardware service revenue, is the development of the two business faster.

is now less than 2000 National SP, of which 85% of the SP are operating IVR, CRBT, music downloads based. But the SP said, "not a few of the copyright, mostly from the CP loan through the audit, what is more direct access from the Internet, because the copyright is not clear, causing a lot of homogeneity of products, the inevitable market confusion."

specific products include new Oriental multimedia learning library, New Oriental primary and secondary education cloud, English 46 test platform

"the Ministry of information industry operators to copyright operation, but also directly shows that the regulatory authorities of the general service content of communication products to strict control, will play a key role in the containment of bad information." China Unicom value-added business department official said.

in addition, Linzhi Tencent holds 12.2917% of the New Oriental network, and the shareholders of Linzhi Tencent are Shenzhen Tencent industry investment fund Co., ltd..

New Oriental

this time, the Ministry of information industry for the SP business issues of copyright audit review. According to SP sources, the review will focus on the copyright issues of the SP business, particularly the IVR interactive voice business, which will force offline referrals if copyright issues are discovered.

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