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August 7, 2017

3. decision power

Chinese Internet industry of many start-up companies may not do a project from the University began to do, or that he did the project inside the university has already died, behind second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth has been to success. But his core team was formed in the University, which I think is essentially a college student. It is rare to do the first thing and make it so big. But in the process, in fact, it has undergone many transformations, upgrades, optimizations, changes and self-improvement.

concon of college students said that a college business is very important, you are likely to form a team of


Andreessen Horowitz partner Chris Dixon:

when you leave campus this day, you will find it difficult to find a very pure start-up partner. As we all know, there are many contradictions among the partners, and relatively speaking, if it is our classmates, the fighting friendship formed at this time is relatively strong. The same as you love, you talk in college girlfriend, generally speaking, feeling the relationship is a bit more pure, so it is the same reason.

Evernote founder Phi Libin:

is at the beginning of the September school season, the Ministry of the mobile Internet industry incubation center organized the "Innovation Campus" in Beijing universities has. Hungry? COO was invited to speak at Beijing Institute of Technology, Beihang University, North China Electric Power University, Beijing Jiaotong University, entitled "from student to entrepreneur".

higher than average

5. in the transparent market, it is difficult to determine priority

2. look for investors who can add value to your

4. entrepreneur writes this algorithm, and everyone executes

5., if a product is growing fast, then it’s a good product,

3. general venture company’s algorithm: when the start-up company’s cash flow is positive, feedback = perform

below is a speech by Kang Chia at the Beijing Jiaotong University. Excerpt:

2. you need to have a secret, which is what you know and most other people don’t know,

2. makes life easier for people

1. invests in human

Counsyl founder Balaji Srinivasa>

5. don’t have an exit strategy, do something that you don’t want to sell,

looking for an entrepreneurial partner, it’s important to find someone who complements you

, VMWare, CEO, Diane, Green:

4. recruitment principles: Hire, fast, fire, fast

7. transition from code to design

1., the intersection of good ideas and seemingly unreliable ideas is the best point,

1.Evernote is the third company it founded,

6. focuses on product’s most important

3. focuses on Don’t be, clever, with, structuring, be, clever, your, products, with,

6. accumulated a group of founding partners at an early date,

he is from hungry entrepreneurial experience, encourage students to practice, learning in practice, find their own wishful on campus business partners, the highest level and encourage everyone to pursue entrepreneurial innovation.

1. each new talent needs to be

1.Deadline will help a lot of things,

, don’t judge the success of college students only by the success rate. It doesn’t really mean much. It is your day after success can lay a solid foundation, this is we should have an attitude. Also, I think students start point, it is very important to say, you are likely to form a team of your life, your career in the team, the environment of the University, it can be said that this is one of the best chance for a lifetime.

Silicon Valley angel investor Ron Conway:

so, in school, I encourage everyone and try entrepreneurship. Perhaps this time, the result is not the most important, is not able to find a good entrepreneurial partner, and you form a fighting friendship is important. Even if you fail to do this, or separate, you believe me, it is quite possible that one day, both of you have to go out to work for several years, suddenly one day, the entrepreneurial spark again, then you can also go together, to do big things.

4. do something that belongs to you,

in your lifeNow we can see the

2. let’s do some of our favorite love products,

Optimizely founder Dan Siroker:

8. social products change the way people communicate

2., good questions are better than advice,

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