Collar azure increase commission Tencent Ma Huateng’s debut battle was Taobao strong blocking

August 7, 2017

in the first successful Internet people, Ma Huateng is a very low-key. Located in Shenzhen, a technical background, only a few reasons, mainly because the Tencent are making "play" money, although CCTV gave a "play is productivity" comments, Ma Huateng still feel uncomfortable. Recently, the form has changed, Ma Huateng said more.

With tens of millions of loyal users of

do news portal, C2C e-commerce, games, download, search…… Total war Tencent, although has been considered the most powerful opponent opponent, but opponents are not a good deal with Ma Huateng the opponent, so the Tencent said:

Tencent flow for 3 months beyond the portal boss of sina, the largest number of Internet users become integrated portal Chinese; Tencent flow beyond Sina, after sh419, ranked second in Chinese portal. And during the world cup in 2006, the first report of major sports events Tencent, the world cup site users reached 45 million 600 thousand people, almost equal to sina.

the first energy giant Tencent is a powerful portal translocation of instant messaging community attachment. Tencent have to enter any areas on the Internet and its potential in entering the field are enough to get enough level stable user groups

Compared to

The reason is that



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