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August 6, 2017

, please look at my personal experience in an alliance.

As a webmaster

, let’s take a look at this, "the alliance said." this standard will be applied without the law. Excuse me, when did the tax amount become 200 yuan,

analysis of the contradiction between the three can be seen, as advertisers mainly want to have the effect of advertising, as a webmaster is to get more advertising commission income, and as a platform is to adjust the matching between advertising and quality resources. Short.


advertising alliance as an intermediary platform for advertising effect has absolute control, determine an alliance advertising effect is good or bad judgment is good, responsible for the alliance of high-quality resources, the existing resources selection, and adjustment. For the league, here are a few suggestions:

1 should be carried out according to the existing advertising alliance resource allocation, not arbitrarily into advertising.

advertising alliance between the three as the intermediary platform plays an important role, but need to understand it is absolutely not our God, really pay the advertisers, advertisers will only have the strength, please believe that any advertisers are not bad money, but advertisers will never spend only the advertising effect will be willing to pay pay for advertising costs, so as to achieve between advertisers and advertising alliance, website owners win.

200 yuan deduction of 3% related costs? What cost? Deduction amount fee? these money used to those buckle amount personnel, they buckle amount buckle so hard, also should reward Li once. . More than 200 yuan, but also deduct 20% levy? What is levied,

b: less than 200 yuan to pay 800 yuan fee deduction of 3% related costs, more than 800 yuan to 20% levy; online bank payment fee is 1%, the lowest 1 yuan;


today issued a union, I was wondering, it is not 673 yuan commission? How to get the money 120 less? Is a tax rise? Not ah, according to 800 yuan standard, I was not up to the standard deduction fee ah, but there are so? High fees?. So I looked for a long time in the league, and finally saw the trap, everyone please see:

a: less than 100 yuan to pay 200 yuan fee deduction of 3% related costs, more than 200 yuan to 20% levy; online bank payment fee is 1%, the lowest 1 yuan;

see here, let me make a minimal example, you create a value of 1000 yuan in the Alliance Alliance for advertisers, and then give you the money alliance 400 dollars say this is what you deserve, you do stand so much money, want to have in the League, the 400 dollars you must be very happy, if you don’t do it even 400 are not, so he set a trap to get the money. This is the example above. That is "paid 100 yuan: 2>

very practical is getting much advertising commission income, but there are many other factors also must be considered, such as alliance platform credibility and stability of the platform, advertising quantity, material temptation, these revenues have a certain influence. The main emphasis here is on advertising material, which is easily overlooked by many leagues. It is not advisable for the alliance to embezzle materials at will. The material should be aesthetic, innovative and consistent, so as to bring about unexpected effects on advertising.

, and XXX in the premise of not violating the law in order to protect the interests of network business, according to the different minimum payment network operators for the withholding tax calculation formula is as follows:

551 yuan

2 and the calculation formula of withholding expenses

as we all know, China’s advertising alliance market is notoriously black. The small leagues were black, and some seemed to be worthy of alliance, even darker. But these so-called "big advertising alliances" know how to dig these traps.

2 controls the same product and the same type of advertising.

got it right now. The original point is set to pay 100 yuan. Caught their trap.

so do the most important is to do alliance effect, even if the quality of your site traffic is good but not to the advertising effect, the results showed that with the amount of brush not unlike what it referred to the precise positioning of advertising, at present, sh419 shlf1314 positioning relatively accurate, but it is far from not enough. It is understood that HUAWEI developed specifically for precise positioning of advertising advertising software development, has the effect of advertising on the Fujian Quanzhou IP test, analysis of behavior path joint telecommunications users, intercept in telecommunications routing, provide accurate advertising for the needs of users, so as to achieve accurate positioning advertising. Once successfully tested, the software is more alluring than the sh419 shlf1314 bid and brings the gospel to advertisers.

C: all expenses paid 2000 yuan fastener to 6% levy enjoy the enterprise customer level business tax preferential treatment, XXX given especially for enterprises can open legal invoice customers, the customer is not deducted from the tax; online bank payment fee is 1%, the lowest 1 yuan;

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Beijing Local Taxation Bureau Tax Services and online payment of bank charges in !

3 injects fresh blood at any moment and eliminates bad resources. From this point of view, we know the AP advertising alliance www.a3p4 is currently doing the best. The problem with the old routine is the cheating of the webmaster, which is the problem that any alliance must face, which needs to test the technical strength and the experience of the alliance data auditor.

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