The beginner must make sure to remember the following six things when making money with SEOAfter ten

August 6, 2017

2, do not expect to have what good technology and software can make your keywords ranking rise quickly, don’t buy a link, because sh419 search only for customer service, excessive optimization and excessive links but will hurt the site.

recently, there are many friends are beginning to contact Wangzhuan, some in cheated N times, draw a conclusion, must be determined to learn SEO, because they see the use of SEO can freely control keyword ranking, a course which is not responsible for the so-called SEO experts also played a very bad flicker the role of all so eager, eager for a fight, have opened a domain name, set up their own website, became a member of the webmaster, but in my opinion, the use of SEO to make money is a need to pay a lot of time and energy on the road, success depends on your business quality, network technology and stamina and other aspects of the case, the following 6 new webmaster please remember:

services are limited to surface work.

can the workplace elite and entrepreneurial elite be replaced by each other?

I asked him where your agent came from. He said it was a list from friends, and I asked him, "have you ever been to Shiyan?" he said. So, Shi the students where is? He said, is "

, I’ll finish the task step by step.

, when you’re a veteran worker, you jump out of the comfort zone, do you want to repeat the past,


later, the shoes sold, under the daily rent exceeded turnover, helpless, the transfer of the goods store, the price of the cheapest to transfer to a fresh graduates one of the time job clerk. The results of the students, Ya is doing well, now go it alone, also a foreign shoe brand agents.

6, don’t expect much time quickly earn million yuan, as a spiritual incentive can also earn million yuan, every month, the traditional industry simply do not do, so it is better to be a little bit slowly increase revenue, improve the website, the site must think of my website to customers users which brings convenience and the service, instead of always staring at the Alipay

source | World Manager blog


started his business for the first time, but he chose to do business in the shoe industry. From Jinjiang he found a large backlog of imports of leather shoes not because of quality, style rented a store, to the city for distribution, wholesale and retail, he was afraid of not enough manpower, seven or eight people, has a manager in charge of the goods, there is a lot of, but the market can not open the phone. Don’t contact each other; door-to-door, to support each other; a lot of samples, no reply.

‘s own website www.jf519, please take this link, thank you!

5, in the choice of advertising, the content must be fine, if some big brands, big businesses, small advertising and leather advertising will only make your website user experience of the final decline.

Abstract: Mr. Wang just started his business and he does not have it. He needs to go out and set an example to his employees. Of the students did not channel, he had to go out, this is a good thing, a lot of entrepreneurs that forced the market. The secret of success is the same, always look closely at the market, in order to find opportunities.

only does what is familiar;

1, in SEO don’t see results, don’t quit your job before, and also do not unduly affect the work, can only try to work effectively, at the same time, adhere to a long period of time, at least more than half a year.

can not.

on the one hand, as the workplace, build trust and fight for resources is the basic quality, so, if itself in the workplace is not elite into the organization of entrepreneurial projects as CEO is usually difficult to succeed;

4, the construction site should not have instant success, to a little, Links have a little added, linked to high quality, all adhere to a standard patient.

, on the other hand, has to admit that workplace and entrepreneurship are two entirely different kinds of ecology. The workplace as the company’s "professional workers", and do not like entrepreneurs like the "strong heart" and your learning ability. They are the perfect recipients of the company’s instructions, not the framers of the instructions themselves.

this article lists the typical mentality of the job elite in Entrepreneurship —

Mr. Wang used to work in a Guangdong shoe company, served as deputy director for many years, due to the company’s financial and other reasons, he returned to Wuhan, did not intend to continue to work, with some of their savings, they find a project to do so, the boss, began his entrepreneurial experience.

, someone will do it for me.

3, SEO is a technology to improve the rankings, does not mean that all, not to SEO and to do optimization, but SEO’s consciousness in the process of building sites, it is now the site of competition have the order reversed, is in fact the content is king of the era, especially the original content.

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