Wholesale fashion website NuOrder won 3 million financing KPCB Senate voteThe league is really dark

August 6, 2017


Dear members

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I’m sorry, after a review of the site the existence of abnormal data, do not give closed, if you have an official with the statistics prove, please submit application in the next time,

thank you very much for 100 million to advertising! Unfortunately, we monitored data on the bidding advertising on your website is abnormal, in order to protect our advertisers and other interests of the webmaster, we freeze your account in against and stop you in against advertising;

fill in the detailed statistical data submitted in the entrance available statistical tools, or detailed data. Note: do not accept the attachment to provide data that are for reference only, not to judge whether deblocking according to.


if you have any questions about our handling methods, please send your mail to [email protected] within 7 days.

said that the day before NuOrder has been led by the GRP investment, Greycroft, KPCB partner Ail>

distinguished members:

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now, I change a million advertising, but also to the time to send money to an abnormal data, how now the union is so dark, but also sent a mail

* * * * * * * Hello!

so far, there are many famous institutions and designers of the NuOrder platform, including Helmut Lang, Adidas, Levis, Elizabeth& James, Ted Baker, Cheap Monday, Alternative Apparel and Citizens of Humanity are high-end brand jeans in the use of NuOrder platform for their core wholesale business convenience. Over 750 thousand clothing items have been sold through the NuOrder over the past 12 months. Obviously, even Hollywood pop stylist Rachel Zoe has invested in the company, and we will be able to know that NuOrder could really subvert the fashion wholesale industry.

brands and designers can create custom product catalogs on the NuOrder platform, place orders, update inventory in real-time, and do business anytime and anywhere through offline iPad applications. Buyers can get access to these fashions and be able to place digital orders.

in the traditional sense, the wholesale of fashion clothes is finished online. Buyers of boutiques and boutiques must decide what kind of goods to ship when they come in contact with manufacturers and designers, but it will become more concise on the NuOrder network platform.

appeals are the same once a time,.

replaces LOOKBOOK, which creates the traditional paper format, and NuOrder allows designers and brands to create digital PDF format designs. In addition, NuOrder can recommend goods to potential buyers, including best sellers, latest offerings, and even allow users to define their own ranges to choose the right product. The company has also introduced a range of very attractive services, such as allowing users to integrate NuOrder into their inventory or clearing systems. At present, the buyer can use NuOrder free of charge, but brand manufacturers and designers need to pay a certain premium membership fees.

Wells also said that, considering that NuOrder can be used on iPad again, designers can still easily use iPad to show their LOOKBOOK designs when they meet.

"we most threatening force competition is one of the conference and trade show," NuOrder’s co-founder Heath Wells said, "NuOrder was able to inject new blood for the fashion industry, and the wholesale industry is more effective than before."

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