The future business philosophy of the website the impact of Feng Zhiliang theory

August 5, 2017

advertising is a passive memory for viewers, and its value is to leave the residual information in the brain through multiple visual and auditory shocks in various media, so that the sensory image accumulated in people’s consciousness. And this kind of passive memory that can be completely rejected and memory is have it has three elements at the same time, namely voice, text, story, three are indispensable, and the Internet on the expensive image ads are very difficult to have these three points, so it is not the price of its actual value of publicity proportional to, or even worthless propaganda. Is a long-term industry itself speculation results, is the network marketing fork road. The reason why businessmen still recognize this kind of propaganda and the investment of large funds is that the Internet users in China are still ignorant of the value of Internet publicity, and can not explain its true value. China’s Internet development also needs a long process of evolution, and when most of the main profit model is based on Online Trading (e-commerce platform) as the main body, it is a qualitative leap.

The above is about

is the network analyst Mr. Feng Zhiliang proposed on the future direction of the Internet profit "blue ocean view", this is actually a very simple truth, is the site of the operation can not simply rely on advertising revenue.

What is the operation of

website? How to get out of your own website promotion, this problem we feel very simple, but the fact is not the case, the real operation of a good website, that is to "know".

currently has more than eighty percent enterprises as the sites are not properly managed, it is mainly not really understand the website operation, also is at present a lot of enterprises for the purpose of the site just to have a business facade, when asked others to say oneself website.

now has its own website, more and more companies or individuals, but most companies do not understand how the operation and promotion, some companies recruit when site operators who require what degree will edit articles per minute typing speed, skilled use of office software and so on.

here you can think of, website management involves the website promotion and edit articles on things, but only a write operation to understand how much. A good website management personnel, at least to understand the network economy, literature, editing and other aspects of things, but just simple text editor, more and more can’t keep up with the development of the enterprise.

lets many network operators understand the network management method and the profit pattern truly, our country’s Internet enterprise also needs to raise one stage again, but also needs the quite long time.

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