There is no solution for the DC site suspended by the record number

August 3, 2017

2008-03-07 11:47:52 yesterday morning the station seemed to experience a loss, such as www.pc0123.com before my visit is normal, Baidu is also being gradually restored, yesterday morning suddenly unable to visit, visit the home page "no record" message.

I immediately log management center for www.miibeian.gov.cn, to record information from the entry "–>"; to amend the information "to increase pc0123.com URL to get URL, but little information to modify the following information:

originally wanted my access provider (who you bought there, who was the access provider) to help me change, and I can’t change it myself.

2008-03-07 13:17:08 provider of space after lunch. I contacted the (name not say, afraid of advertising, they suspect) let me send relevant information messages to them, then I write the mail, here also to take mail content for your reference:

2008-03-07 14:11:15 space providers immediately revised the record information for me, but because the record management system has not been audited, so the site can not open,

2008-03-07 17:47:52, I received the records management system mail, prompted me pc0123.com filing has been successful, the record number is:. Then I Q my space provider, the problem resolved satisfactorily.

above is my experience, and then I briefly talk about a few of my basic see hair:

1. If you have multiple websites and already have a record number, just contact your space provider and let them modify your filing information.

two, if you do not have a record number, please apply to the record center, as long as it does not involve pre-trial content, access to the record number is still relatively easy.

three, from yesterday I revised the record number of speed, the record center for the past few days the efficiency is very high, and now submit the application for the record, the audit cycle is short and short.

four, I have 2 to buy from IDC nets of space station network by nets took the record, and obtain a new record number. So I think admin5IDC’s service is still very trustworthy.

in addition, a little more insights and suggestions.

sentiment: in recent days, many did not record the number of stations, Baidu included decreased to 1, I guess the decline included with the record number is not relevant.

recommends: Admin5 sharing services must be active for our webmaster coordination, processing, filing problems.

, author: cool shadow, little Ho, QQ:8409505

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