2015 WeChat public operation breakout manual micro business must see

August 2, 2017

earlier this year, WeChat official released some data on WeChat and WeChat public numbers, mainly related to the use of WeChat, the use of public numbers. I also wrote an article that briefly analyzed some of the opportunities and challenges behind the data.

today, let’s look at the data at that time.


‘s data show that 9 million 780 thousand people because of WeChat public platform and employment, then, can be simply understood as the 9 million 780 thousand WeChat public number, in fact, according to the current situation, has been far more than the. Conservative estimates, the current WeChat public number has more than 15 million.

so, here comes the problem. How from about 10000000 public numbers stand out


first look at the current status of the WeChat public number.

I illustrate with my own attention to the WeChat public number.

, class 1. Scripts, mood classes, accounts.

such WeChat public number, a large number of fans, no millions of, there are more than ten million. The content is basically funny jokes, leisure fun, chicken soup. Article and picture browsing will be relatively high, forwarding volume is also very impressive, increasing the number of fans every day will be more, but the powder will also be very serious.

second categories. Enterprise class account.

such WeChat public number is basically registered in the enterprise type, and most of the registration is subscription number, some have been certified, access to third party service website, relatively speaking, do better. However, most of the enterprise type WeChat public number, the basic form is to copy paste type publishing articles, and then fans grow weak.

third categories. Private media account.

this type of account is basically a personal subscription number, most of which are not certified. But some fans are still impressive. Especially the number of vertical accounts, and the relatively professional people who started writing and doing web sites in the blog and micro-blog times, are better off using public numbers than others.

fourth categories. Official and well-known media accounts.

such accounts, itself has more mature team operating in the background, in content generation and promotion, there will not be too much problem. We can discuss it for the time being.

synthesis of the above several categories, let’s talk about the whole situation.

, as long as the WeChat public number of personnel, the current WeChat public number operations are headache. On the one hand, fans increased fatigue, fans get higher and higher costs. On the other hand, the number of readings in the article is unstable and high when it is low. In other words, WeChat public number article opening rate is low, conversion data is not ideal.

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