Site builders should learn from stall vendors

August 1, 2017

That afternoon when

is busy in a confused state of mind, suddenly came downstairs with guitar melodious songs, singing the "old boy" of the song: "the dream is always out of reach / should not give up / blossom season is spring / where are you ah……" I believe many people will sympathize with this song, the Internet we are engaged in the occupation, some just started, a little has been fighting for years, but is the same, our dreams always seem to centrifuge in one step, and the more confused always haunt us, wake up every day, we are facing to choose or continue to adhere to the crossroads. Thought for a while. That is the street performers, is now trying to cost nothing a beggar and too many people get money. Colleagues told me, singing is a regular in Dongpu and the United States to sell the fruit of the boy, usually selling fruit, when guests are less, will play their own songs.

suddenly felt like these have a different feeling, different with the past tired they block the roads, sell some good looks but poor quality image of the product, I suddenly feel that we, these so-called "white collar" "high-tech talent" should be more to these street people learn, they learn the attitude of learning, their learning methods, their attention…… Please give up your "face" on the so-called "dignity" theory, we do not discriminate against any person, just from a practitioner’s identity, these people put stall what is worth learning.

one, more flexible dream start, broaden sales channels


in the "stall" this practice, more and more people if you want others to sell their products, the first thought would be to shop, but for China conditions, single shop early investment has blocked a lot of dreams but did not have the strength of the dreamer. But the stall is not the same, no need to rent a storefront, no decoration, no initial fee, eliminating all shop cumbersome procedures, only to the wholesale market to find and wholesale they want to sell products, a piece of cloth, super low cost, and very convenient, large flow where, where many opportunities will go to where. Compared with the fixed store, stronger liquidity. However, the stall is not the long term, the ultimate goal is to shop or make your own boss. Our construction site is the same, a lot of website construction companies are relying on the search engine rankings for the customer with the flow, but in fact, few sites can row on the home page, in our "Guangzhou website construction" the keywords for example, only more than 1000 sites have a keyword competition, and this number is still maintained the growth potential, but we all know, the next ranking website, from search engine traffic is low or even No. Well, some people say that the optimization of competition but others, we do pay promotion. Although the amount of traffic has been increased, but the high cost of promotion and users of the enterprise strength has always been suspected. There’s no other way

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