Qijia network against the Taobao traffic model of light platform vertical low frequency O2O only do

August 1, 2017


note: in July 3rd, tiger sniffing was held in Shanghai in the summer of 2015 F& M Innovation Festival, Qijia network founder and CEO Deng Huajin at the meeting to share, he believes that "O2O home business, as in the past is to hold the heart of the Internet, doing the migrant workers". Deng Huajin to Jiezhuang industry as an example, in the low frequency, heavy decision-making vertical O2O field, put forward against Taobao model of traffic type light platform, the only way to win is "do heavy"".

in addition, he pointed out that while reconstructing the traditional industries, O2O has reformed the original benefit distribution mechanism, including changes in the social role of practitioners. After the speech, Deng Huajin and his CEO of science and technology, the original Baosheng international vice president Xing Kechun made a conversation.

below is live record (delete Edition):

The concept of

O2O, nearly two years before the beginning of fire, currently O2O deep industry more and more segments, two years ago, people discuss more is the platform (electricity supplier) and vertical (electricity supplier) who may have more hope today? No one asked, because any one category has a platform like the opportunity, also a vertical type of opportunity.

I always think there is very low many opportunities, but the product is particularly suitable for high frequency high frequency platform, the accumulation of users access to the user faster, low cost, high viscosity and low frequency; for this product, the first industry is deep enough, the decision of the user enough weight, supply chain and service chain is more complex, the only way it will not be easy to beat high frequency products.

nowadays, users are becoming more and more dependent on the supply chain in the low frequency decision process. Below, I surround our decorate a business to undertake simple share.

we all know that the process of renovation is very painful, very complex, I chose this industry is also considering the complex industry, there will be many opportunities. The current user in the renovation process face a lot of pain points, including opaque price, construction environmental protection, environmental protection, material process is too complex, so we need to solve the key problems, to let users have trust on us; secondly, we hope to do "heavy heavy low decision".

("light" on it) before Qijia suffered, before 2011, Qijia net profit of nearly 10 million, very cool at that time, our company is only two, three hundred people, then we do only three: the decoration design and construction and sell things, to find suppliers for their reputation ranking the service list, allowing users to choose. Find a decoration company, told the decoration company, users need to decorate what features, and finally draw up a charging way, do so simple thing.

so, 09 years ago, I didn’t spend a cent of my advertising. Our users were all word-of-mouth. It was a very good time. But after 2011, I suddenly felt a big problem, because 20>

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