Warning novice the ten most common mistakes SEO makes

August 1, 2017

SEO master, the reason is called a master, not because he is a few stations of the current good rankings, but because he has passed a lot of slow progress of the rankings, and even been K road. There is no guarantee in ranking first today, only grow from repeated failures experienced in experience is our most valuable asset. A SEO industry, most of my friends have made mistakes, for my own communication practice and a lot of new friends, I extracted ten big mistake SEO rookie as follows:

one, there is an impetuous process before there is no system learning SEO, most SEO novice mentality has not temper to a firm height;

two, four bit line in the website construction process without careful thought, later in the learning process, meaningless changes, resulting in drop right, even by K;

three, the desire to swap links is too strong. "Before you’re eighteen, it’s hard to get adult respect for your career." you have to be tough,

four, in order to enrich the home page keyword density, sacrifice a clear site structure, resulting in the overall duplication of the site clutter;

The update frequency of

five, the website are not allowed to draw the line to the number of update points set too high, resulting in subsequent continuity is not strong;

six, too many negative emotions affect you, a little problem you give up, when you realize that it is only when things became clear in the process of self adjustment in waste much precious time, any good techniques require continuous performance to convince Baidu;

seven, can’t understand the blog, soft Wen, questions and answers, BBS, also need SEO, the chain is K is likely to implicate site drop right;

eight, see the keyword on the anchor text, the entire site has only one anchor text form, all anchor text is linked to the home page;

, nine, and the station group, black chain and other black hat means to maintain a high degree of curiosity, in the absence of good handling skills, involving will be arrested;

ten and SEO influenced life and work routines and normal relationships, and eventually found that SEO was such a cloud.

lesson, for later reference, if wear.

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