How to choose the right product

July 29, 2017

in Sina micro-blog, you can see a lot of new home site is currently the group purchase group purchase special offer goods at any time, especially in the past six months, the number of new network group purchase is countless, and even can be used to describe this for uneven in quality, Internet users, but also is a good news, because these websites always try to please users. I have been to different sites to participate in group purchase group purchase, the only two reasons, first I need this thing, he is too cheap, second price discount, the feeling is lower than the cost, so you grab it, get to your own use or sold, it depends on your own mood the.

for the group purchase over site, how I experience? Some receives something, I think "well, this is the commodity value of the group purchase price", that is to say I think his real price puffiness, this feeling especially in some of the catering and service (film, salon) majority, and of course also there will be the real value of the group purchase, for example some upscale restaurants, even if his group purchase goods is very ordinary, but to hang up this restaurant brand, it is not the same, so the group purchase goods are often most people panic buying of the subject, but few for the group purchase network, this standard is not easy has, and has a certain reputation and tourist restaurants or merchandise, does not require the group purchase of icing on the cake.

In fact,

, group purchase network faces several challenges, on the one hand, selling their own website, a selling group purchase goods every day (or service), its main profit should come from the user to buy the "spread", when the spread does not exist, or the group purchase goods is not popular, this website will have prospects moreover, doubts, every day is only one or two kind of goods, if you press the wrong Po, equivalent to give up a day’s income, the impact is not small.

needless to say a good commodity subject is very important, so the network group purchase buyer is the key, in addition to know how to negotiate, but to know which products are more suitable for group purchase price, with more value on the operation of the space, give a few examples to illustrate this, for example a mobile phone or 3C group purchase related products, because of this commodity itself with high homogeneity, so the profits are relatively limited, so in the group purchase, it is difficult to let the user feel the price, unless it is "know" the experts, this is not easy to succeed in the group purchase operation, unless the operation take the Apple iPad, but if it is Apple, only their own web sites the expense of profits, because the supply of goods, how can let you come again, if the group purchase price; fashionable dress, also there is a problem, how much money is a piece of clothing Reasonable, the user is not easy to grasp, it is difficult to maximize the benefits of buy, unless you take a LV, Chanel products, with a broken disk price to buy.

so, there are several characteristics I observed a hot group purchase subject, one of which is the original single commodity or a quarter of goods, the original factory is private stream shipments, he is not fake but without permission and selling stolen private brand "

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