Suggestions on the optimization of a real estate website

July 24, 2017

friend made a real estate network,, let me help see how to optimize, I’m also a rookie, here are some of my humble opinion, let’s throw a brick,


1 is used to double the space, mainly in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, most of them are Telecom Telecom, I visited, the speed is not very good, I feel should be replaced by the telecommunication lines, or directly with the virtual host in Shenzhen. It should be faster than it is now.

2 home is overweight, actually have 199K, so the home open very slowly, I feel should be home to lose weight, which is within 100K, now open the speed of the home page is not good, not good for the user experience, no one is willing to wait so long time to wait for your web page.

3 home page pictures too much, it is recommended to change the picture to the background color, now looks beautiful, but obviously affect speed.

4 Title settings are not too long, the feeling should be controlled within 75K, the best, so that may be considered cheating Baidu

5 JS, many directories are connected with JS in the past, the search is not good, it is recommended to modify

6 doesn’t have a framework. That’s pretty good,

7 keyword density, density is too low, want to do the Shenzhen real estate network keyword in the home page did not appear, suggest add, control in more than 2%

8 external connection construction, increase the web page, there are quality of external links and reverse links, improve the degree of web link breadth.

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